Thursday, July 28, 2011

WOW!! More Donations For Terry...

Well, I just cannot believe the kindness pouring in for Terry and his family. Someone so sweet who was reading
 on Justina's facebook read her post about
Terry and donated $15.00.
Thank you so much! I am just floored at everyone and I wish there was something more I could do for all of you who have donated as a thank you for helping Terry and his children.

Tonight my neice Jillian and Hallie's best friend Erin are staying the night at our house. Well, Casey, Hallie, Erin and Jillian all got together and wanted to make more of a difference for Terry and his family. I had planned on taking all of the kids bowling tomorrow night and Jillian gave me $5.00 of her money to give to Terry. I mean, how sweet is that? Jill is a really good girl and I am really so proud to call her my niece!! Jill is only 11 1/2 (can't forget the 1/2) but for her to want to give some of her bowling money to me to give to Terry is just amazing to me. She has such a huge heart and I am very very proud of her for that!!
Then, Casey my son who only has $1.00 gave that to me to to add to the donation. I am very proud of them!!
The kids are preparing to do a lemonade stand tomorrow to raise some more money for Terry. Casey, Hallie, Erin and Jillian are really all pumped up to get as much money as then can to help Terry and his kids. Here is a picture of them with their money and signs that they made... So cute!!

Casey is in the back left with his $1.00 oh his hat, Jillian is next to him in the back with her $5.00 on her hat, then Erin is in front with the floral shirt and Hallie is in the orange and they are holding the signs they made for their lemonade stand tomorrow!! I am a very proud mama and auntie right now!!

So that puts us up to a whopping $69.00 for Terry!!!
How AMAZING is that? Seriously, this hopefully will help Terry and his children for awhile and hopefully he won't
have to walk 15 to 20 miles a day, especially in this
terrible heat for a while.

Thank you so much for donating to this really amazing cause!! We are on a roll and we are really going to change Terry's life, even if it is only for a little while. Change is change!! Hugs! ~Terri

Paying It Forward Update & Thank You's....

Well, I just got a HUGE donation from an amazingly sweet friend and I am just speechless right now.
Me speechless? I know right? Usually I am the one who goes on and on and on, but the generosity of you all has really amazed me. I am just holding back the tears because I know how much this money is going to help
 Terry and his children. I want to take this opportunity to thank those who have recently donated to
such a great and important cause.

Thank you to...

Justina of Justina's Crafts for donating $25.00
Justina's blog is at
Justina's facebook page is at!/justinas.crafts 
Please follow her and let her know that
 Two Pink Peas sent you.

Next I would love to thank Ashley of
The Scrappin' Pink Piglet for donating $2.00
You can find Ashley's blog here
And Ashley's facebook page at
Please hop on over to Ashley and show some blog love.
Please let her know that Two Pink Peas sent you.

To this date you all have helped me collect $49.00 for Terry!!
Can you believe that?? $49.00????? WOW!!
Thank you ALL so much. I appreciate every single penny, every single dollar and every single sweet comment
you all have left me so so much!!
If any of you still wish you donate you still have time. I will be seeing Terry this weekend sometime but I will never stop helping him. I just emailed someone who owns a business, a blooming business to see if he has anything that Terry can do as a job. Hopefully this will come through and he will get a job. This is what Terry really needs for long term stability for him and his 2 children.

Thank you again to every single one of you for
caring as much as you do.
You are really changing this man's life as well as his children who I worry about every single day. I am just really stunned at your kindness and how much you all care!!
Many many hugs to you all!! ~Terri

Dog Lovers...Please Help Me If You Have Seen This Before...

What you are looking at is Bella's FAVORITE toy in the whole wide world. It's name is Monster!! Don't ask me why we call it Monster but from day one we have just called it that. Today while I was gone Bella ripped it apart, as you can clearly see! About 1 1/2 year ago we knew someday this would happen and have been looking for  another monster  and have been unable to find one. There are no markings on this toy other then the word China on it's entire body. Has anyone seen this toy before and do you know if it is still available to purchase? The last picture is Bella walking on my nightstand trying to get her monster because that is how much she loves this thing. Now, I ask myself "if Bella really loves this monster so much why would she rip it apart to where she can not ever play with it again?" I have no is a dog!! So I gather up Bella, her monster (which was placed in a plastic zip bag to protect it) Hallie and Erin and we run to our local pet store. Well, I have looked there before and they did not have it then and I just knew they would not have one now. I was right, no monster! I am just crushed, Bella loves this toy and I really hope to find another one if I can. While we were in the pet store.. look at what I saw...

Meet Roz!! Isn't she just BEAUTIFUL??
She is pink and gray my favorite colors!! I could NOT believe how friendly Roz was. She came straight to me and I held her for a really long time. She snuggled up under my cheek and chin and she was SO loving. (I would share those pictures if I did not look so hideous from running around so I will just share Roz and keep me out of it.. LOL.)
  I LOVE all animals but have been a little afraid of birds like Roz because they can bite and bite hard. There was absolutely NO fear with this sweet little girl.

This was after I was "forced" to let her go back in her cage by Hallie and Erin. They wanted to go and Bella was getting fussy. But Roz LOVED me rubbing her neck. My gosh, I am telling you, it is not that often that I fall completely in love with an animal like Roz but she had me at hello!! lol

When we left the pet store Roz started flapping her wings and making ALL kinds of noises and was squawking like she did not want me to leave. Uh... it literally broke my heart to leave her. I almost turned back around and went back to her. That is how much of a fuss she made when I left her. <sighs> 
She was only a mere $2,499.99 ...chump change.. right??  Wrong.. lol.
Oh, but if we were not selling and building a house right now I would have been so tempted to buy her right then and there. On my way home I was talking about Roz to Hallie and Erin and I said "that is a diamond ring, it could be a car" LOL.. but never in my life have I ever seen a bird that was this sweet and was so loving. She literally melted my heart. Roz will be seeing me again, that is for sure. I talked to the manager and pleaded with them to "make sure, make triple sure" that who ever buys her will take care of her. I also said that "I am worried about her and who ever gets to take her home that they will treat her right". They assured me that they would only let Roz go to a very responsible owner. Jokingly I asked "would you sell Roz to me?" They said "YES"!!  The girl that worked there that got Roz out of her cage told me that one drunk lady came in and wanted to drain her bank account just to buy Roz and they told her "NO". That made me feel better. But I still worry. That is my big heart that I have. I really do worry to much about everything and anything!!
 You girls probably think I am crazy for falling in love with this sweet bird. I wish you all could see her in person. Unbelievable and Oh So beautiful!! I really like Roz and clearly Roz really liked me!! How sweet is that??
 Roz made my day today!!

Ok, back to Bella's monster, the main purpose of this post...If you girls happen to know where I can get my Bella a new monster please let me know. I would really appreciate it!
Thanks for listening to my ramblings today.
 Many hugs!! ~Terri

P.S. Oh, how funny is this? As soon as I got home my husband told me that it is rumored that Casey Anthony now lives in the next city, but same county as us. Oh gosh I really HOPE not. That would be just terrible!! It is ALL over the internet that she is here. So weird!! 

Cricut Won Lawsuit Against SCAL & MTC...

Hi girls.. News about your Cricut and SCAL...
I just came from and read that Cricut won their lawsuit against SCAL and MTC and this is what I found out. What this means is if you update your Cricut Firmware then you will NO longer be able to use either of these programs. If you have NOT updated it yet then you can still use these programs. My one question was "won't you have to update your firmware at some point and that means that you will not be able to use these programs any longer". I don't know but I wanted to pass this info on to you girls. For those girls who are lucky enough to have more then one Cricut then you can keep one and not update it and use it for SCAL and MTC and use your other Cricut and update it when you have to!! That is the only thing I can think of! Have a good night!! ~Terri