Monday, April 8, 2013

New Unorganized/Unpacked Craft Room & Giveaway For Best Advice...

Hi crafters!! So I finally was able to take a short video of my craft room, which is very unorganized and unpacked right now, and upload it to show you. We have been so busy with the rest of our house and my craft room is unfortunetly coming last. My goal was to unpack this room first but it just did not work out that way...but that is ok!
I just can't wait to get in there and get crafting!
I was thinking and decided to add some fun into this process. I would LOVE any organization advice, photos, videos or anything you have that would help me decide how I am going to decorate and organize my craft room.
So this is what I am gonna do... whoever gives me the best advice, photo or video idea will receive a prize from me for helping me decide how to decorate my new craft room.
Feel free to leave me a comment with either a link to a photo, pinterest page, your facebook page, youtube video or what ever you chose and after every one leaves a comment
I will look at each and every idea and then pick a WINNER for being so kind to help me out.
Here are a few things that matter to me... I LOVE things to have a place, labels are important to me, different and creative ways to organize stamps, embellishments and so on are also very important to me.

I could go on and on about things that matter to me but I am now going to turn this over to all of you. Let's have some fun and I will of course be doing more video updates as my craft room decor and organization begins so you will be able to follow me. Thanks so much in advance and I will check in with you all in a few days!!
Big Cricut Hugs!!


Anonymous said...

This is an easy one, hire a good professional organizer, explain the importance of crafting goodies and have a glass of wine!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

I loved patricia's advice, but I think it's maybe better to do a search for craft organizing ideas, and then clip many of them and put into a folder, and start with a basic plan. I have saved tons - may not get to them all but I have dreams. You have a whole room- what a great start!

Terri said...

TerriAvidReader That is a really great idea. I have gone on lots of websites searching for ideas. Just not 100% on the direction I want to go on my room yet. Actually I have been searching since I knew we were building our new house. I especially love Pinterest and actually pin everything that I love, which happens to be a lot of different things. Thanks for taking the time and for leaving your advice for me. I really appreciate your advice. I wanna do this right the first time and have it look beautiful and organized. Terri of Two Pink Peas

Terri said...

Patricia...Thank you for taking the time to leave your advice. I thought about hiring a professional and am not 100% where I wanna go on this yet. I am hoping to figure this out very But I wanted to thank you for taking your time to leave me your advice. Good luck for the giveaway. Terri of Two Pink Peas

Lady S said...

start with paper and pencil. sketch out the room, visualize your cabinets shelving etc of where you would like for them to go. when you have designed that out, go in your room and start moving the boxes that have the same items to the area of where you want them to go. don't unpack yet, you may want to move things around still. for all your pens and smaller supplies, keep them
centralized, our pens can never be too far away. make a stamp area, all things 'stamp' would go there. same as a ribbon wall, glitter shelf, etc. remember to leave room for a snack area or small fridge and possibly a love seat. sometimes we have to take a 'power nap' to recharge or have a quick snack away from our workspace. really when you move your items to their perspective areas the creativity will start to flow. right now it's overwhelming because it's just staring back at you. the sketch will really give you an overview of how you want your room to look without moving things back and forth. i hope this helps or at least gives you starting point. :-)

Lady S said...

to get started take paper and pencil. sketch out how you would like your room setup, i.e., cabinets shelving etc. start placing your boxes of like items in those areas. do not take anything out of their boxes just yet, you may still redesign as you go along. as you come across items that you may not have put on your sketch, go back to the design and visualize where those items may go and place accordingly. remember to allow for a 'power nap' section as well as a mini fridge for those needed snacks and drinks (if your room can accommodate those items). don't forget your ribbon wall and glitter shelves too. as well as a stamping space and die cutting space. the best thing to remember is that this will not be done in a couple of hours. you want to minimize extra moving as much as possible but take whatever time you need to set it up just right for you and your creativity. and for those relaxing moments always have a scented candle to help with the sensory part of our brain and music to hum along too when we're deeply creating. most importantly, don't forget a 'visiting' spot for bella too!

Daynene said...

So hard to give advice on organization,we all have our own way we like things. One way may work better for one than the other. I like the plastic storage drawers and I put theme's in them. Holidays, season, boy, girl, color, flower etc... in each and label them the 3 storage drawers fits perfect in the cubed cabinets rather inexpensive and easy to grab your stickers, embellishments or whatever else you decide to put in the themed drawer. Good luck!