Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hurry.. SwagBucks....Great Time To Sign Up!!!

So I was on the Cricut.Com message board and read a thread about SwagBucks. I have personally never heard of this before but they are running a special if you sign up right now before the 28th of Feb. you will get 55 FREE swagbucks. Just click on this link here... and sign up and you will get 55 free swagbucks.  Enter the code BirthdayFun to get your free swag money. You can redeem the swagbucks for craft can earn swagbucks just for searching through their website. You shop online anyway BUT if you search through the swagbucks website then you will earn $2.00 for every dollar you spend at your favorite store. You spend the money anyway so why not get free swagbucks on top of that. Plus, there are tons of other ways to earn swagbucks. I am learning about this but if you have any questions please let me know and I will try to find the answer for you. All I have to say is HURRY, HURRY and

Thanks in advance for clicking on the link that I provided. I do get $10 swagbucks for every referral and you CAN TOO!! Also, become a follower of swagbucks on their facebook page and twitter to find other codes to earn free money. I am sure I am leaving out some things but when I think of them I will add them on my blog. Also, when I find new codes I will share them with you all so you can too get free money.

I just wanted to share this with ALL of my card making friends here!! Talk to ya all soon.. ~Terri