Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boy Did I Hit The Jackpot Today... WOW!!!

Today I was out and about and I decided to stop at Big Lots. I have not been there in years. So I go in and first stop at the halloween candy, which I needed. So I got alot of candy, little toys for all the trick or treaters. Then I went to the scrapbook isle and man..there were soooooo many great deals. I am talking Martha Stewart ribbon for $1.00..most of them were only $.50 so I got them ALL. I spent $30.00 on scrapbooking/card supplies and I got about 38 rolls of ribbon. Not all of them are Martha Stewart, just a few of them are. But still.. what a great deal. Then I looked at the paper and cardstock. They were so cheap and I plan on going back again soon. Here is 2 pictures of my loot. Oh, and I got 4 fiber yarn rolls for $1.00 each. What a crazy deal. I would run, run and run to your local Big Lots to see what they have. I even got some alphabet stamps, a glitter patterned paper stack, 12 x 12 paper stack and another 12 x 12 blue paper stack, some embellishments and more. Anyhow, just wanted to share.  Thanks for looking! Come back soon. I add something each and every day.