Friday, May 6, 2011

You Can Purchase The Cricut Expression 2 Right Now On...

So this is GREAT news to those of you who missed out on the Cricut Expression 2 during the launch on HSN. You can purchase it now and it will ship beginning on May 16th. 
To purchase this new amazing machine go to  and it will be available for a limited time only. The current price on the Cricut.Com website is $349.00 and it comes with these great items:

Each machine comes preloaded with 4 cartridges: Cricut American Alphabet, Just a Note, Cricut Decals, and Cricut Essentials

Other great features include:
Compatible with Cricut and Cricut Imagine Cartridges
Full-color LCD touch screen
Mat Preview
Material Setting
Cutting Area Light
Longer Power Cord
And MUCH more!

I thought I would pass this on to you since this is great news. I really thought that we would never be able to purchase the new CE2 anywhere besides there you go!!

I am off to bed since it is now 3:42 am.. this is crazy that I am still Goodnight everyone!! ~Terri

Everyday Pop-Up Cards Cricut Cartridge...

In the next few days I will be making a few new cards using my new Everyday Pop-Up Cards Cricut Cartridge. I am really excited to dig in and get started. If you have not got this cartridge yet I would HIGHLY recommend getting it. When I looked through the booklet I could NOT believe how many images, phrases and pop up's that this cartridge contained.
If you have not seen it here is a picture of some of the images on this cartridge...

Also, Cricut Facebook page shows some of the pop-up images so you can see what they look like. You can find that here.. If you are not a follower of the Cricut facebook page please become one and if you could PLEASE just let them know that Terri of Two Pink Peas sent you..that would be amazing. Once again I do not receive anything for you letting them know that I sent you. It's just so nice that they know that they are getting lots of support and referrals from fellow crafters who love their products.

Before I go I just wanted to say that when I first looked at this cartridge booklet it looked a bit tricky to me but I will be making video tutorials on how to use this cartridge in detail so you all will be able to use it and navigate through it much better. I am sure that it is not as hard as it may look or seem.
Oh and last thing.. this cartridge comes with 90 Cricut Reward Points.

Once again, thanks for visiting Two Pink Peas..
I will talk to you all very soon! ~Terri

Last Call To Enter Into The Custom Stamp Giveaway...

I just wanted to call a "Last Call" to enter in the Custom Stamp giveaway by Skip The Stamp Man.. and he sells primarily on Ebay. You can view and purchase his items on Ebay by going to . His store is called The Worms Pajamas. He also sells alot of teachers stamps so if you are a teacher and need special stamps or other items this would be a great place to look.

I wanted to again just say how far out of the way Skip went for me to make exactly what I wanted and needed. I wanted a special font and he did not have it. So Skip actually went and downloaded it just for me so he could make the stamp in the font that I wanted. How amazing is that?? My Two Pink Peas stamp is just so beautiful and looks just as good if not better then any stamp that you would get at a craft store. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised! I will be a life long customer of Skip's...this is a guarantee!! For a very long time I have been looking for stamp with my son Casey and my daughter Hallie's name on it but have never ever found one. They have Hailey or Hayley but never Hallie and never Casey. So I am going to get both of them one. My daughter's stamp will say her first and middle name..Hallie Bleu. Hallie is just starting to collect her own card and scrapbooking supplies and this would be such a great stamp for her to own. And just the name Casey for my son Casey.

If you all have a blog you can have Skip make a stamp with your blog name or whatever you want. I paid under $7.00 for it.. can you even believe that?? What an AMAZING deal!!

To enter in this giveaway just leave a comment right here and I will add these comments to my other comments.
I would really appreciate you becoming a follower of my blog but it is not necessary at all. 

I once again want to thank Skip "The Stamp Man" at The Worms Pajamas on Ebay for this great giveaway. If you purchase something from him please let him know that Terri at Two Pink Peas sent you. His prices are crazy good. You just cannot beat it and for less then $10.00 depending on the amount of letters that you get, you will have a beautifully made custom stamp that will last for years and years.

Thanks so much for entering and this giveaway will remain open for one or two more days and I will then draw the lucky winner. Good luck everybody!!! ~Terri