Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hallie's Mask That Was Displayed At Our Maple Festival...

Every single year in our little town we have a festival called the Maple Festival. We are literally famous for our maple syrup and so we have the Maple Festival. Hallie is in 4th grade and made this mask this year. She just told me that out of her whole 4th grade class, Hallie's was the only mask to be displayed at the festival. That is pretty awesome if you ask me!! I am one very proud mama!

I asked her to tell me all about this mask and what it is supposed to mean. She said that it is for the Pacific North West and she does not remember what it was for..LOL.  So I said "the pacific north west what?" She again does not remember.. lol

She did say that it is supposed to look like a monkey. To be honest...I don't know what she is talking about..LOL.
Oh kids...they can be so funny, and that is what she is being right

Anyway, I just wanted to share her work with you. I think she did an incredible job!! Way to go Hallie Bleu!!
I love you sweetie! Love, Mommy

Bella Got A Hair Cut...Look How Cute She Is...

So since winter is over and Bella has been sheading like crazy my husband Den gave her a bubble (that's what we call a bath) and a hair cut last night. She was SO fluffy and she looked like a completely different puppy.
Right now she looks so tiny, just like a little brand new puppy. You should see how she runs around and brushes herself against the carpet. She looks SO is so cute to watch. Just to remind you Bella is a Yorkie-Poo.

Anyhow, Bella loves wearing her clothes, she always has since I brought her home at 8 weeks old only weighing in at 2 pounds. The shirt that she is wearing right now is about 2 sizes too big so I need to go out and get her a new outfit. Plus, she loves wearing little bows in her hair but Den cut off the hair off of the top of her she can't wear a bow for awhile. Before I took these pictures, which was just a few minutes ago, I pulled out a bow and she went literally NUTS. She wanted it in her hair. I don't know how many of you have dogs, cats or other animals but my baby Bella is everything to me. She is not just a dog, she is my little girl. I have never felt this way about any animal before I got her. I'm sure that those of you who have animals can understand how I feel.

Hallie just came to me and brought me a piece of artwork that she made at school that got displayed at our Maple Festival. I will explain more when I post it in just a few minutes. ~Terri