Friday, August 22, 2014

Shaker Cards Are All The Rage...

What's shaking crafters? Today I wanted to share some super adorable shaker cards that I found on Pinterest. Shaker cards really are SO much fun and the sky is literally the limit when it comes to what you can do with them.
Shaker cards really are pretty simple to make despite
how complex they may look.
Let's take a look at some really cute and creative ideas. Hopefully this will inspire you to create a shaker card
of your own.

Part of the fun when creating these interactive cards is coming up with different and unique ideas to use as the "shaker" part of the card. Imagine the possibilities because you can use any type of embellishment, confetti, beads, buttons, glitter, sequins, eyelets, snaps or
whatever your heart desires!
Look around and see what little things you have in your craft stash that would be perfect to use in a shaker card. I know that I probably have a million things that I could use right now sitting in my craft room. Part of the fun is finding things you can use and remember that each item will create a different look.

This card actually has real coffee beans. How cute is that?
Those coffee beans fit in beautifully with the theme!

Think outside of the box and use things that maybe you ordinarily wouldn't. I love this idea of using coffee beans because it is different and not expected plus
it is absolutely adorable!

I really love all of these cards and they really are all so different. This adorable star shaker card has sequins inside.
How fun are these 3 different sized stars and of course
the best part is all 3 stars shake!

Consider using die cuts or punches to create a look like these cloud cards. If you are anything like me then you have lots and lots of die cuts & punches sitting in your craft room.
One phrase that I always go back to is
"Think outside the punch"!

These clear treat cups are one of my all time favorite ideas for a card like this. Consider using clear plastic candy molds. You can buy them pretty cheap and a mold could possibly make up to 4 to 6 or more cards depending on the size of the mold. Simply cut each individual mold apart and adhere it to your card adding whatever "shaker" you wish inside.
Most if not all candy molds are embossed with an shape/image which you can then use those
 images to fit your theme. 
Shaker cards are so different from your basic ordinary card and most of all they are so much FUN!

This wedding card is probably one of my most favorite shaker cards ever! The combination of the crisp white colored cardstock with the silver is so beautiful and classic to me.
Anyone would be absolutely thrilled to receive
a gorgeous card like this.
How about making this into an anniversary or birthday card?

Utilizing different shapes can change the look and
 feel of a shaker card.
Like I said earlier the possibilities really are endless.
How cute are those little felt flowers?

Even using plain cardstock in several different colors like this card above is really cute. Using a hole punch to create some fun confetti is a simple idea but it sure doesn't look so simple after your card is finished does it?

The idea of using some stamped images in combination with confetti, glitter, sand or whatever really adds that little extra wow factor. It has a nicely finished look to it.
 I have even seen shaker cards with ice cream sprinkles inside. When looking for inspiration for your shaker card think about using items that maybe your normally
 otherwise wouldn't use.
You may just surprise yourself!

Ok, how cute is this sweet get well shaker card?
Imagine giving this to someone who is not feeling well, someone who just had surgery or who is in the hospital.
This is sure to brighten up their day!
What about making a cute get well shaker card
for a child who is ill?!
Actually, I can picture a child shaking this card right now.
Picture them with a huge smile on their precious little face!
A smile helps everyone feel better.
For this card I really love the pink and brown color combo but the book paper is my favorite with those adorable birds sitting on a branch! I have always been a fan of using book or dictionary paper on cards or scrapbook pages.
So darn cute!

This is a different take on the shaker card and I really love how the little red hearts look like they are falling out of the mason jar. When you think about it there are a million and one ways to make one of these cards. How cute would this mason jar be with fireflies or lightening bugs
as I called them as a child??!!
That is the beauty of creating...limitless possibilities!

A shaker home decor idea...Shut the front door!
How adorable is this? This makes me want to make something for my home...wait... actually I just inspired myself and I am definitely going to do that soon.
Who would have thunk it?
Every single item shared here is pinned in my
Cards, Crafts & Inspiration board on Pinterest. There you will find the pinner who created & added these adorable & creative cards plus hundreds more.
When I was looking for sample cards and ideas for today's blog post I literally had 61+ cards picked out to share with you all but then I thought maybe that would be just a tad bit of an overload....just a tad right? lol
Yeah, I think so too! lol
While you are there feel free to follow me if you would like. I am a Pinterest-a-holic like for REAL! On any given day I seriously pin throughout the entire day and those pins really add up. It is rare that I pin less then 100 a day.
Do they have rehab for pin-a-holics?
Just kidding....but not really! <wink wink>
Thank you SO much for stopping by and taking a peek at these adorable shaker cards. It is amazing how much talent there is in our world. Looking at cards & crafts on Pinterest is so much fun for me and I am always amazed at how brilliant and creative crafters can be.
 Have you made a shaker card before? Did you find them easy or challenging to make?
Do you have other creative shaker ideas not listed here?
Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!
I would love to see what you come up with so please feel free to tell me where I can find your shaker creations.
 I will be sure to visit you and take a peek at
your gorgeous shakers!
While I am there I will be sure to say hi
 and that I hopped on over
 to see what you created!
It is my hope that today's blog post inspired you even if it is just a little inspiration. Sometimes that's all we need!

Have a brilliant day & as always
Big Cricut Hugs to you all...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Embossing Clear Acetate or Plastic Using Cuttlebug Tutorial...

Happy Memorial Day! Boy it has been awhile since I have blogged but now that things in my life are calming down I have more time to get back to what I L❤VE...Crafting! YAY! That makes me so just don't know!

Today I have a fun tutorial for you all. Embossing on clear acetate or plastic, like the Cricut cartridge clamshells...Don't throw any of your clamshells, embossing folder packaging or any packaging that has clear plastic away. The reason why you would want to keep any and all that you can get your hands on is because you can cut out pieces of the acetate and run it through your Cuttlebug or any embossing machine. Say what??!! I know I was so excited about this technique and was really excited because I have TONS of those packages and I save them them all.

One tip that I suggest is if you start collecting all this clear plastic packaging instead of keeping all that bulk just cut out any pieces of the plastic that you can use and throw the rest away. It is much easier and neater to store the cut sheets of plastic then to keep all that bulky packaging!! Plus, when you want to emboss something really quick your sheets are all cut and ready to go!! Easy Peasy!

Take a peek at my YouTube video here at and you will see just how fast, easy and fun this is. The possibilities are limitless and it makes such an impressive look to your card, scrapbook page or craft! Once you try it you will be hooked!

I already have a few other tutorials all ready to post and I can't wait to show you all the fun and creative things you can do with the supplies you most likely already have in your stash!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and I will see you all very soon!!

Thanks for stopping by. I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and comments so please feel free to leave them below!

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Until next time...
Big Cricut Hugs!