Friday, April 22, 2011

Whew...What A Long And Hard Day...

Today was a very long and another hard day for our family. The real estate agent came today at 4pm to take pictures of our house to list. Today was the hardest day for me especially since I am getting a cold and am sick. My throat is so sore and hurts so bad. I am not even going to mention how bad my body hurts from all of the moving, packing, loading and unloading that we have had to do over this past week and a half. Now it is just wait and see what happens. At least our house is pretty much all ready for people to come look at it to see if they want to buy it. We put in brand new carpet, I think I told you all of that. That's it, I wanted to at least give you all an update so you know what has been going on with me. My husband Den designed a special Two Pink Peas Craft Room just for me and it is going to be amazing. I cannot wait until I am unpacked and back to making cards and other things. Lot's of pictures will be put on here so you can see how adorable it is going to be. Hope you all are doing well and I will talk to you very soon! Thanks for stopping by Two Pink Peas!! ~Terri