Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TLC Craft Wars Show Starts TONIGHT!!

I have been SO excited for TLC's Brand New Show
called Craft Wars!
As I am sure that most of you know that it starts tonight and it cannot air fast enough for me because I am that excited about it. The beautiful and multi talented Tori Spelling will be the host of this brand new show. We all know how much Tori loves to craft and she also has her own line of craft supplies. I think Tori will be the perfect host for this new craft show.

Above you will see some of the photos of the show.
Talk about having access to every craft supply available.
This is a crafters dream!
Who would not want to have access to the huge craft supply closet. I would LOVE to just look through it and see all the goodies that these 3 crafters get to play and create with.
It is so exciting.
 Each week I will be posting and talking about each episode. We will talk about what the crafters made, all the craft supplies they have access to and anything and everything
in between.

What is so funny is that before I heard about TLC's Craft Wars show I was talking to my 11 year old daughter Hallie and we were talking about how amazing it would be if there was a craft show like this. It was really weird when I heard that there was a new crafting show called Craft Wars.
Hallie and I always watch shows like Project Runway and other shows like that. That is when it popped in my head.
We were even coming up with show names.
Anyhow, I know that Hallie and I are so excited to watch this new show and I hope that it is a success so that we will be able to watch future season's of this show.

After you watch this tonight I would love to know what you all thought about the show and anything that has to do with it. The only thing I was thinking was that should there be more then 3 crafters who are competing? I don't know yet but we will find out in a few hours.

So until then...I hope you all are able to watch it and we will talk later!

Big Cricut Hugs!

P.S. I wanted to update you all on some amazing news. As most of you all know we have had our house on the market for a little over 1 year. Well it has SOLD! We are in the process of moving out and then we will start the building process of our new house. Our family is beyond excited. During the whole process we will be taking photos of every step and I will be sharing that journey with you all.