Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Miss Tutu...I custom made my granddaughters tutu for her 1st birthday party celebration...

 This is the surprise tutu that I made for my sweet, now 1 year old granddaughter, McKenzie for her very 1st birthday party. I wanted to share photos of this adorable tutu with you all now and very soon I will post a full how to tutorial on how I made this in case any of you wanted to make one yourself. This really was a fun project to make and sadly these pictures do not do this gorgeous little tutu justice. I used a ton of tulle and a baby headband for the waist. You can see the different colors of tulle in the photos and I also added some sweet ribbon that matches the tulle perfectly just as a little extra something. The ribbon makes it so much sweeter. 

The pink satin ribbon in front is made it so that it can be removed. Basically it is held on the baby headband/waist band by another piece of ribbon tied onto the waist.
 This is a side view of the entire outfit. My daughter had bought the Birthday Girl top and amazingly I did not see this top until after I completed this tutu. We got lucky as it matched absolutely perfectly. I had bought a shirt and matching lace leggings that matches this tutu but once I saw her Birthday Girl shirt and how perfectly it matched it was almost like it was meant to be. What is also so amazing is that Lindsay, my daughter, had absolutely NO idea that I was even making this tutu for Kenzie. It was a surprise for both of them. Lindsay found a few birthday tutus for Kenzie online but they were so expensive, ridiculously expensive actually and so the second I knew how bummed my daughter was because she wanted Kenzie to wear a tutu on her first birthday party but didnt want to spend that amount of money for an outfit that Kenzie would wear one time I knew I was gonna make one. That is when I knew that I had to make one for her and I did. When I finally shared the news and showed Lindsay the finished tutu she was completely shocked and SO excited. She even took it to work with her and showed every one including her customers. That warmed my heart like you could not believe. Making someone you love so happy like that is the best feeling in the entire world.  
We know that Kenzie is going to look like a little princess and her new tutu will complete the look of her entire birthday party. I cannot wait to see her in it and am so excited to share the pictures with you all.

 Just a few close up pics of the front of the tutu. As you can see I used two different pink tulles in different color tones, white tulle with glitter, silver tulle with glitter and a few different soft pink ribbons.  
 This is the bottom of the tutu. It is one of the fullest, fluffiest tutus I have ever seen. Is this not absolutely adorable? I was so happy that my daughter Lindsay loved it as much as she did. That alone made it staying up all night and all the time it took to complete it absolutely worth it.  Lindsay plans on framing it and hanging this in Kenzies bedroom because she loves it that much. That makes this mama so happy!
And finally the back of the tutu with a close up of the waist band and you are able to see the how the pink satin bow is tied on if you look closely. My granddaughter Kenzies birthday party is not until this Saturday so once she wears this we will be taking a lot of photos of her and I will be sure to share pictures of how adorable she looks.                                                                                                        Thank you all so much for stopping by and taking a peek at this super sweet tutu that I made for my beautiful grandbaby. Be on the look out for a detailed how to video coming soon. If I can create this tutu then anyone can.                                                                                                     As always Big Cricut Hugs!   ~Terri