Monday, February 27, 2012

A Very Sad Day For Our City And Schools...

Today is a very very sad day for our city. We live in Chardon, Ohio and today a student went in the high school with a gun and started shooting other students in the cafeteria. Tragically one of the students lost his life. He was only 16 years old. Chardon is such a safe city to live in and very safe to raise your kids. Things like this never happens here. Never did we or anyone who lives in Chardon would ever think that something like this could happen in our community. There were 5 victims in total and included in the 5 was a 16 year old student who passed away due to his injuries. I know that 2 are in critical condition, 1 is stable and one was very lucky because the bullet grazed his ear. The shooter lives on the same street as my inlaws. The shooter does not even go to Chardon schools so we don't know why he chose Chardon High. Things like this never happen here in Chardon. But never say never. Our family is very shaken up by the actions of the shooter and the loss of the 16 year old student and for the other 4 victims. The shooter turned himself in and is in a jail that is just about 2 or 3 miles from our house. My kids Casey and Hallie are safe...thank god for that. My niece goes to Chardon High and she was in the building when this happened this morning. Thank god she is ok as well. Hallie's best friends sister was in the cafeteria where the shootings took place and she is ok as well. Our community has been turned upside down due to this senseless and tragic event. Please keep all of the families and students who were shot in your prayers. As you can see I am in complete shock that this happened in our city. The schools were shut down today and will be closed tomorrow as well. Every 4th of July we go to the high school to watch fire works and we have been in the building many many times. We are completely in shock and so very upset that this happened today. Please keep the community of Chardon in your prayers especially for the victims and families of the shootings.