Sunday, December 2, 2012

Why did my BEST friend have to die? Completely devastated!

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be making a post about my best friend Renee. Sadly, my sweet, beautiful and amazing best friend Renee passed away on Nov. 14th. 2012. Her funeral was on Nov. 24th but because I was not aware that she passed away until about a week later, which is very shocking that it took that long for me to find out, sadly it was too late for me to fly to Arizona to attend her funeral. Since I was not able to attend her memorial I wrote something to be read by one of Renee's friends, Kelly, now a friend of mine, was sweet enough to get up and read it on my behalf. This is what I wrote for Renee...

My name is Terri and Renee was my best friend. It is unfortunate that I am not able to be here today to remember and celebrate Renee’s life. Kelly was so sweet enough to read this for me.

There are only a handful of people who come into your world, and touch your life in a dramatic fashion. Some of the people are just flickers of light during a long life, while others are consistent glows for years. For me, Renee was my consistent glow. She was my best friend and we confided in each other about everything and anything.

Renee has touched so many lives with her kindness, caring, loving and peaceful nature. As I go on the journey of my life, I always know that Renee will still be with me. She will be my best friend forever. The sweet memories that she has woven into my life will live on and continue to touch lives- mine as well as many others.
Everybody will tell you what a great mother she was to her beautiful son Chris, and there is no question that is certainly true. Renee would often talk to me about Chris. She would always tell me how incredibly proud she was of him and how great he was doing in school. There was no doubt that she loved Chris more then anything and he was her entire life.

How do you say goodbye to someone like Renee who was so selfless, loving, who always supported & cared about others despite suffering from her relentless nonstop chronic pain? Renee was my source of encouragement and my source of strength when I needed it & I was always hers.
Renee has graced my life more than you will ever know. To Renee I say this: "I love you dearly and will cherish you always. I am filled with gratitude that you enriched my life in so many ways. This world was much improved by your being in it." God bless you Renee. You will be greatly missed.
May you rest in peace.

Renee was one of the most amazing friends I have ever had in my whole entire life. As you can see I am absolutely devastated, crushed and so very sad by her passing. She was so loyal and knew every single thing about me and I was very loyal to her and knew every thing about her.

I find myself calling her phone just to hear her sweet voice. Every time I call her I leave a message for her to please call me back and tell me that this is a huge misunderstanding and that she is ok. For some reason I am having a hard time believing she is really gone. The same thing happened with the death of my dad. It's just hard to believe she is really gone and that I won't be able to talk to her ever again. For the many years that Renee was in my life I was the luckiest best friend in the world. After our normal 2+ hour phone chats we would always tell each other how much we meant to each other and ended our call with "I love you honey".

The only thing that is helping me get through this is knowing that she is not in pain anymore. Renee had severe very painful jaw issues as well as severe chronic pain all over like I do. We were able to relate to each other in a way that no one else could ever understand. I will always carry my sweet Renee in my heart forever. She will be greatly missed!

I have more updates to make but will make them in a few days. For now I wanted to let you all know about Renee.

In closing...please don't take any relationship whether it is a best friend, a family member or your spouse, for granted. We never know when that dreaded day will come. Losing Renee was a complete and total shock for me and I am just thankful that she knew how much she meant to me and how much I loved and appreciated her. Renee will be in my heart forever!

Big Cricut Hugs...