Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank You For Paying It Foward...

Well, the other day I had written my second long post about Paying It Forward and when I went to send it my whole post got erased!! I could not believe it!! here we go  This has happened a few times to me before and what a pain. But, today is a new day and I wanted to thank these ladies for Paying It Forward..

Jo sent $10.00 (I mean WOW!!!) and this is the comment she left me.. "Just sent you my little part. Thank you for doing this for a stranger. You took the time to listen and you acted. If we all would do this, what a better world this would be."

Suzy's Crafts sent $5.00 (WOW again!!) Suzy's  comment said "Good for you. You have really touched my heart today and I am making my donation. Thank you!"
Please visit Suzy's Crafts at 

Last but certainly not least Roxanna sent $2.00
(so amazing!!) and Roxanna said "Terri, I live in BC, Canada and read your Pay it Forward and wanted to send a little donation for 'the man with the sign'. I will stop sometimes and give people money because I know what it is like to have next to nothing. As you said we do not always carry money anymore but I give what I have."

Please visit Roxanna at:

Thank you girls SO SO SO much for be so giving and opening your gigantic hearts to this really sweet man. In the post that I wrote the other day about Paying It Forward (that got erased) I was telling you all his first name. 
Well believe it or not his name is...Terry!! Can you even believe that?? I just thought how weird is this? Just to clarify.. Terry is the man with the sign... I am Terri the person who just wants to help him. We are not the same
But isn't that really amazing??
We share the same name!! To me that was a sign and a really big one at that!!   
I don't know if you all believe in signs but sometimes I do. This was one of those signs that I saw crystal clear.  I mean, we have the same name, granted different spelling but we have the same exact first name. Even if his name was different I would still have this deep need and passion to help him and his poor innocent kids. I do this for anyone that is in need!
So after my counseling appointment today I drove around to try and find Terry.  I have not taken any of the donated money out of PayPal because one of the donations is still pending but I did not see Terry anywhere and I could not find him anywhere. The next time I will see him probably will be this weekend sometime. So if you would like to still donate, even if it is just $1.00, which is perfectly fine and very much appreciated you still have plenty of time. You can donate through PayPal if you wish and just use my personal email address which is If you wish to send a check instead just let me know and I will email you my address. It is completely up to you. Anything is really greatly appreciated!!   At some point in our lives everyone needs some sort of help. When I see Terry next and I tell him that complete strangers donated money because they care and want to pay it forward he might get choked up. I really want him to know that people do care about him and his kids. Hopefully that will make him feel good inside to know that people do care. Everyone is worth helping no matter their situation. I plan on helping Terry for a long long time. My next goal is to get him a job. That would be the ultimate gift for him!! Today at my counseling appointment the first thing I asked her was what else I could do to help Terry further. She gave me a 2 page list of Community Resource Contacts. So after I send this post I am getting on the phone to see what I can do for him.
 It really made me super upset and sad when Terry told me that he is getting harassed and so is his children. Why people take things out on kids is really beyond my scope of understanding. That has got to be very difficult for his 2 kids. Just imagine being a little 10 year old and your dad has to walk 10 to 15 miles a day just to find a job. Terry told me that his kids are being essentially bullied by other kids because their daddy has to try to find a job every single day while walking with a sign on his back. That has to be really really rough on them. We have to help this family in any way we can, and we are doing that thanks to you all!! You all have really huge hearts and that touches my heart!!
Casey, Hallie and I will hopefully make his new sign tomorrow and we will post pictures of it when we are done.  Thank you for ALL of your support and donations to help Terry and his family. You all are the absolute BEST and you are Paying It Forward in a MAJOR way!! Every single cent will go to Terry on top of what our family will give him.
Thank you, Thank you and Thank you so much!!
Have a blessed day everyone!! Hugs to you all!! ~Terri