Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amazing Price For "Your Story" Bundle....

I was watching HSN the other day and the Your Story came on and I could not believe the price of this machine and all the extras that came with it. Here is the link if you are interested|best_sellers&cm_re=merchzone_carousel*page1_spot1_image*merchzones&o=search-RI&cm_sp=Recommended*Search*top I would at least check it out. I never thought about getting one until I saw what all you get with this bundle and for under $20.00...I couldn't resist.

This is what you get for $19.95 (I got one and I had a free shipping coupon so that made it that much better)  

Personal bookbinding machine

14 assorted color 5" x 7" covers

14 assorted color 4" x 6" covers

User manual

Manufacturer’s 6-month limited warranty

So you get 28 covers to make 28 adorable little books PLUS the machine for under $20.00. You just cannot beat that!!

 I plan on making some little books and posting them on here. I am not sure how long hsn will have this price but if you have been looking for one of these I would run and grab one.

K.. I am off to bed. I have so much to do tomorrow. First I am getting my hair done first thing in the morning and then we are finishing our house up so we can get ready to put it on the market. That is why I have not posted any new cards lately. Once things settle down I will catch up, I promise. Then this Saturday is my sons 12th birthday so I have to run and birthday shop tomorrow too. Busy, busy,

Have a wonderful day everyone!! ~Terri

Friday, March 25, 2011

DCWV Giveaway...

Die Cuts With A View is having a great giveaway. Go to to enter. Good luck all!! ~Terri

A Two Pink Peas Giveaway...

So I have decided to have another giveaway but this one is going to be a bit different. I am going to giveaway more of the Peel N Stick Ribbon but I am going to randomly give it to one or two of my followers as a thank you for visiting Two Pink Peas. If you are already a follower then you are entered automatically. I will leave this open for about a week for those who are brand new and wish to follow for a chance to win this cute ribbon.
Good luck everyone. ~Terri

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Release Date For Cricut Expression 2

I heard that the release date for this machine is April 26th on Hsn. I am SO excited to see it and see how much it is going to cost. is after 5am and I am finally off to bed. Goodnight!

A Great Giveaway For You All...

Well once again I found a GREAT giveaway for you all. It is for a one year supply of WeScrap Kits. Just go to.. for the chance to win.

While I am here posting this I wanted to share some new news. Our family is going to build a brand new house. We have been looking around at property's and land. Boy, it is hard So since I have been doing that I have not been able to make any new cards this past week. We are also putting our house on the market soon so we have been packing some things up to get it ready. Once we have done that things will settle down and I will be able to get back to making cards. I have ALOT of great ideas and can't wait to get back to creating. I don't know if alot of you have a Michaels or Joann Fabrics near you but the past few times I have been there I have found LOTS of clear stamps sets on clearance. They have ranged from $.99 cents to $3.98. If you have them near you I would run to see if you can get some good deals.

Other then that I will see you very soon. Hope you all have a great night. ~Terri

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Winner Of The Pink Atg Gun & Peel N Stick Ribbon Is...

Before I say who won I just wanted to thank each and every one of you who entered this giveaway. I read each and every comment and entry and I appreciate all of you. If you did not win this time around don't worry because I will be having another giveaway with the exact same items. I have another pink atg gun that is brand new that I don't use so I will give that one away with 4 packs of the peel n stick ribbon. picked... Susan S... she said:

Your blog is absolutely fabulous. I LOVE your cards, you do a really great job on them. They are so creative. I would love this pink atg gun because I don't have one yet and I would use it for all of my projects and other craft stuff. Thanks for the chance to win. Susan S.

Susan S. please email me at so I can get your address and I will mail this out to you as soon as I hear from you. Thank you all again for stopping by Two Pink Peas and I hope you will enter the new giveaway when I post it this week sometime.
Take care ~Terri

Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Giveaway...

Hi guys!! I just heard about this wonderful giveaway.. so you need to go here and enter if you want a chance to win from the company The Original Scrapbox..

The link is..

Also, our family has decided that we may be building a brand new house so I do not know how much I will be able to post in regards to the cards that I make. We are getting our house all ready to put on the market and I may have to pack up all of my scrapbook/card making supplies.. (sniff sniff). I will keep you posted though. But I wanted to at least share this great giveaway with you all. Thanks for stopping by Two Pink Peas.. ~Terri

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pink Atg Gun & Peel N' Stick Ribbon Giveaway...

Here is another great giveaway that I am having right now.
It is for the brand new
Pink Atg Gun & 4 packs of Peel N' Stick Ribbon

While I was a Michaels last week they had this Pink Atg Gun on clearance for $10.00 and I had to grab it. I will tell you that it does not come with the tape and that may be the reason for the markdown but I knew that I was going to buy it for a giveaway. Just leave a comment below telling me what you would do with it and why you want to win it.
Good luck everyone.. I will leave this open for a week or so.
Have a great day everyone!! ~Terri

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cricut Imagine & Your Story On Sale.. Great Prices...

Cricut.Com has the Cricut Imagine on sale for $299.00. That is a great price. Although it does not say what comes with that but still.. for those who have wanted a Cricut Imagine I have not seen a better price for one of these machines. I thought I would let you all know.  I am also not sure when the sale ends so I would hurry if you are interested. Hopefully this info will help someone who is looking for this particular machine right now. Talk to you soon and Take care..~Terri

P.S. I just found that they also have the YourStory on sale too. It is on sale for $29.99 and you get ALL of this..

Bundle includes:
  • (1) 12" book binder/laminator machine
  • (1) 4" X 6" binder
  • (1) 8" X 8" binder
  • (1) 8 1/2" X 11" binder
  • (1) 11" X 8 1/2" binder
  • (1) 12" X 12" binder
  • (12) 4" X 6" laminating pouches
  • (12) 8 1/2" X 11 1/2" laminating pouches
  • (1) paper trimmer
  • (4) paper trimmer blades (2 straight, 1 wavy, 1 perforating)
  • (1) user manual


Cricut Expression 2 Coming Soon......

Provo Craft Announces a new Fifth Anniversary Machine with Loads of Upgrades
So some of you may or may not be aware but there is a brand new Cricut Expression 2 coming soon. I know that I am way late announcing this but I have been having major computer issues. My computer just arrived back from being repaired today so I thought I would just post this great update because some of you are not aware of this amazing new machine that is coming soon.

This Brand New Cricut Expression 2 can use the regular Cricut cartridges and the Cricut Imagine cartridges at the same time. I do not own the Imagine because I have been waiting to see what everyone else thought about it before I bought one and I also wanted to see how it worked before I shelled out almost $600.00. I am SOOO happy that I waited because this Cricut Expression 2 is supposed to be better then the imagine. It will be launched on Hsn in a few months...I even heard maybe in April.

This is some of the features of the new CE2:

  • New machine design with all-new colors and finishes.
  • Still 12" x 24" cutting capability. Enables large-format cutting and creating.
  • Compatible with ALL Cricut cartridges – including Cricut Imagine cartridges. (Cricut Imagine cartridges will only cut images.)
  • Larger, faster, full-color LCD touch-screen display with stylus. No keypad overlay required!
  • Mat Preview: See shapes you’re cutting and where they fit on the mat before you cut!
  • Material Setting: Choose a default setting for materials you often cut such as cardstock, fabric, chipboard, etc OR customize a material setting just how you want it.
  • Cutting-Area Light: A light underneath the cutting area to let you see where you’re cutting on the mat.
  • Exclusive cartridge content pre-loaded on the machine.
  • Swappable side trim pieces.
  • Longer power cord.
  • New exciting features to be added through simple firmware upgrades.
  • Swappable side trim pieces so you can personalize your Cricut, and more.

As I find out more information I will most certainly post all of the details here.

Also, get this..Provo Craft has also announced that there will be a new Cricut Craft Room, which will be a FREE web based program..and is also compatible with any Cricut machine... as well as with pc and mac computers. This online program will allow you to use on-screen editing for any cartridge you own. You will also be able to preview all of the other cartridges available. There will be over 100 NEW Cricut Cartridges in the 2011 year!! How awesome is that???  The Cricut Craft Room does offer the complete Cricut library to customers for designing purposes, you must own the cartridges if you choose to cut with them. Craft Room does require an internet connection which allows customers to access their account and design from anywhere; you can only cut from a maximum of two computers but these computers can be changed at any time.

I am super super excited for this Cricut Craft Room and I cannot wait to use it. I really love that it is completely FREE for all of us to use.  They are also coming out with these ADORABLE sweet little Cricut Bugs that are essentially like a little toy that you can display. I guess toy is the wrong word but it is so late and I am dead I will find a picture and post it tomorrow. They are SOOO cute!! I am going to get a couple of them.. trust me..if you have not seen them you will want some too!! Maybe when I get some I will have a giveaway of those. How cute would that be??

I know that I will be 1st in line to get the new Cricut Expression 2 when it launches on Hsn. When I find out the date I will let you all know asap. Talk to ya all soon.. ~Terri

Friday, March 11, 2011

Drum Roll Please..And The Winner Of The Peel N' Stick Ribbon Is.....

Before I announce the winner, this morning my computer arrived from being fixed. I am SO happy that it is home..sheesh have I missed it so much. Now I need to back everything up just incase this happens again and I can't get it to work. I have everything on this computer. That was a close very happy that it is home and working beautifully!

Now on to the winner. I decided to just give the 20 packs of ribbon to one (1) person because I felt it was kinda unfair to change the giveaway after you all entered.
 So...the winner of the 20 Packs of Peel N' Stick Ribbon is Toby R....Congratulations Toby.
Email me at TwoPinkPeas@Yahoo.Com so I can get your information and I will get these out to you as soon as I can.

I will be having another giveaway for this same ribbon soon. I will have it to where several can win this time. Thanks to all of you who entered. I will announce the new giveaway very soon. I have so many packets of this ribbon that it is kinda unfair of me to hog it all, plus I LOVE sharing. I am such a giver anyway so this is super fun for me. Hope you all are doing well..I will talk to you all again soon! ~Terri

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ughh..My computer died...

So a few days ago I was trying to upload some pictures of new cards and a new post to go with it and my computer just up and died. I had to call the computer company and my warranty expired 2 weeks Thank goodness the computer company extended my warranty and they are repairing it for free. Whew..I feel so lucky!! Once I get my baby back I will post the winners for the Peel N Stick Ribbon and my new cards. Right now to get this blog to you I am actually blogging from my cell phone.

I do want to thank you all for hanging in there with me during this time. I am sure it can be frustrating for you all. I will post again soon. ~Terri