Little Pet Peas...

You have heard the saying Great Minds Think Alike.
Well I wanted to thank Jessica at for leaving me the sweetest comment about Little Pink Peas and Little Blue Peas. Yesterday I was actually thinking about doing a pets page called Little Pet Peas and don't you know that Jessica had the exact same name?? How weird is that? At first I was not sure if anyone would like it but I know how many animal lovers there out there including me with my sweet Bella and I know that alot of us need or want new ideas on doing pet scrapbook pages or pet cards or pet crafts. So after reading Jessica's comment I knew it was a great idea and that I had to do it. Thank you Jessica for suggesting the same thing that I was thinking of doing. Great minds DO think alike. So Little Pet Peas will be a page for all things pets. If you have any pet cards, scrapbook pages or crafts in general you are more then welcome to post them here. I want my "Little Pink, Blue and Pet Peas" to be a place for everyone to come and gather great inspiration and ideas and to also show off their great works of art. Jessica, you are the best my friend!! ~Terri