Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hallie's Handmade Finger Scarf.. Cute!!

This is Hallie's finished scarf..Here is how to make it... 

First you tie the starting piece of yarn around your thumb. Then you take the yarn and weave it under and over each of your 4 fingers. Repeat this step 4 times.

This just shows you what it looks like weaving the yarn between each of your 4 fingers. This is where you can take the tied yarn off of your thumb.

With your palm facing you take the bottom piece of yarn and fold it over your finger. Repeat this for all 4 fingers.

After you take the bottom piece of yarn then you use your other hand and push the yarn down to make it closer together. After you push the yarn down then you start to weave new yarn between your fingers again and repeat each step over and over and over again until you get the desired length you want.

To finish your scarf you start with your index finger. You will have 1 loop on each finger. Take the only loop on your index finger and move it over to your middle finger. Then you take the loop on your middle finger and move it to your ring finger, then move the ring finger loop to your pinky, take the bottom loop on your pinky fold it over the top loop then just take it off and tuck the remaining yarn in the scarf somewhere where you won't see it. We left the end pieces untucked so you can see what it looks like. You can see it on the first photo above.

This is Hallie's finished scarf. It took her literally less then 15 minutes to make this whole thing from start to finish. She wore this to school today and her teacher asked her if Hallie could make her one in purple. Of course Hallie was so excited and I am going to buy Hallie purple yarn tomorrow so she can make one for her teacher. Hallie was so proud of herself and I am very proud of Hallie as well. This is such a great project for your daughter, granddaughter, niece or any little girl or boy to do.

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Big Cricut Hugs! ~Terri & Hallie