Thursday, April 19, 2012

Need Help Making A Little Girls 11th Birthday AMAZING!!

I would like to introduce to you to this BEAUTIFUL little girl named Tati Webb. Her birthday is this coming Monday and she is turning 11 years old. Her beautiful mother Therese contacted me and asked me if I could help Tati for her very special birthday. It is an honor for me to help Tati have the best 11th birthday ever and I need help from as many of you that are able to help me.

Therese and Tati are having a hard time right now as are so many families are these days. Therese wish is for Tati to receive a ton of Happy Birthday cards. This is a time that we can all pay it forward for sweet Tati. By the way..Tati's name is so beautiful. I absolutely love it!

In addition to the birthday card that I will make for Tati I am also going to send Tati a little gift. This is an option for those of you who are able to do that for her. It does not have to be something expensive as I am sure Tati would appreciate anything even if it is just a beautifully handmade card. Please do not feel obligated that you have to send a gift as this is completely optional. I know that Tati is going to be so happy when she receives so many birthday cards and sees how many people care about her.

Let's all gather our hearts and show Tati that there are so many amazing and caring people in this world that are willing to reach out and extend love and friendship to someone who needs and deserves it.

Tati's address is....

Tati Webb
1738 Lexington Ave
Apt 13G
New York, NY 10029

For those who decide to send Tati one of your beautifully handmade cards, a store bought card as it does not have to be handmade or a small gift I would LOVE to have photos so that I can post them on my blog to show off your beautiful and amazingly creative work. I also want to show you my appreciation that you are helping sweet Tati! We all are going to fill Tati's heart with love on this very special birthday and that is a gift that no money can buy.

Thank you ALL so much for taking the time to read about Therese and Tati. I hope that we can all put our hearts together and help make Tati's 11th birthday the best one ever!! I know that I have the BEST followers and blog readers ever and I know how huge your hearts are.

So, who is with me to show some love to sweet Tati??

Before I go I wanted to share an adorable video of Tati singing a Selena Gomez song. How cute is she?
Way to go Tati!!

Big Cricut Hugs To You ALL!!