Monday, January 9, 2012

Casey's Homemade Circut Board with Help From Cricut Imagine...

Casey got to do a special project in science because he is advanced and wanted a challenge to do. So his teacher gave him a circut board project for extra credit. He got 2 letter grades for doing this. Basically what this is all about is 7 elements which include Lead, Copper, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Zinc and Chlorine. Casey had to take speaker wire, brads and christmas tree light bulbs and make the lights light up when you take a 9 volt battery and place them on the 2 brads next to each element. The christmas tree lights were placed in a hole under each of the 6 elements in the chart taped on the cardboard. Then he had to take the speaker wire and an soldering iron and attach the speaker wire to each of the brad ends and the christmas tree lights. He did not solder the christmas tree lights. The wire was just twisted around them. The point of this project is when you take a 9 volt battery and place it on each element's brad the chart will light up.  He had a great time making this with his dad. Since it was around Christmas time he wanted to print out a christmas tree on the Cricut Imagine. I am very proud of Casey for being so advanced and for asking his teacher to challenge him. Great job Casey!! I am very proud of you!! Big Cricut Hugs.. ~Terri

Supplies Used:

12 Gold Colored Brads
Speaker Wire
Clear Packing Tape
9 Volt Battery
Soldering Iron
Element Chart
Cricut Imagine for the Christmas Tree