Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Had Ducks In Our Yard...

I wish I had a picture to show you but this morning as I was taking my yorkie-poo Bella out to go potty there were 2 ducks in our yard. We NEVER have ducks in our yard. It was so weird to see. It was a mamma duck and a daddy duck.

So I ran inside to grab some bread to feed them. Then I thought, shoot...I should have grabbed my camera. So I ran inside to get my camera and by the time I ran back outside they flew away. Next time I will grab my camera first then the We think it must have been all the rain that we got last night and this morning that brought them to our yard. Our yard has so much water in it. Anyway, they were so adorable and beautiful. It has inspired a Ducky Card idea. If I can only find the time to make it

Well, I am back to packing. Oh what NOT!
Talk to ya soon! ~Terri

My New Stampin' Up Take A Spin Order...

So while I was out today I picked up my brand new Stampin' Up "Take A Spin" stamp set with the Game Spinners. If you have not seen this set it is SO adorable and I would recommend getting a set. I got the clear stamps with 2 sets of the game spinner hands. You can chose the wood mounted instead if you prefer.

The themes on these 4 stamps are all different. On one of them is a birthday theme, and around the whole stamp it says "It's Your Birthday It's Your Birthday" repeated. This stamp is square shaped. The inside has 6 different little sections and they say... Blow Out Your Candles, Make A Wish, Play Games, Sing Happy Birthday, Open Your Gifts And Eat Cake. So so cute!!

 The other stamp in this set says "Happy" all around the rounded shaped stamp and then on the inside it has 8 different catagories and they say different things like.. Birthday, Valentines, Wedding, Father's Day, Graduation, Baby, Anniversary, Mother's Day. 
This whole set is really adorable.

Then the second set are both round stamps. The first stamp says different things around the base like... Wonderful, Kind, Generous, Thoughtful, Funny and A Blast. The last stamp has 8 different sections that says things like "Awesome, A+, X-Cellent!, Way To Go, Best Ever, Good Job, You Can Do It, Fantastic"

This set is really cute and you can use it for so many things. If you want to order this set it is called "Take A Spin" and then you will need the "Game Spinners".  For those who have never ordered from Stampin' Up before you will need a demonstrator. If you do not have one you can either go to the Stampin' Up website or I can give you the name of my demonstrator. She was wonderful and saved me alot on shipping. 

So there you have it, I just wanted to share. I will be making cards using these stamps and game spinners soon and will post the pictures.  Have a great night! ~Terri