Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Dad...

Today June 20th is my dad's birthday. He passed away on January 5th 1994 at the age of 49 from cancer. There is not one single day that goes by that I do not think about him. He hid his cancer from me and the only reason I can think of why he did is because maybe he did not want me to see him sick. By the time he was in the hospital sick with cancer it was pretty much to late for me. So today on his birthday and yesterday on Father's Day have been pretty rough days for me. I would give anything for just 5 minutes to be with him. They say that those who passed that loved you in your life come to visit you in your dreams and I do have alot of dreams of my dad. It could also be because I miss him so much. If you are blessed enough to have your parents in your life try to take advantage of every second that you have with them because you never know when they will be gone and pass away.

When my dad was alive he used to say super funny things. He was a joker and was always smiling. He used to say funny things like "Never eat yellow snow!" and when I used to ask him for something he used to always say "Give Me, Lend Me, Loan Me, Do You Got, Can I Have" LOL. He would say it really fast. I understand how he felt because Casey and Hallie are always asking me for something almost on a daily basis. It makes me sad that he is not here to see my kids grow up. 

These pictures above are pictures of my dad and I when I was a little girl. I treasure these pictures so much. My dad was a twin but I have lost touch with him because he moved out of the state. Maybe some day I will find him and reconnect with him. That would be so awesome! Thanks for letting me share my dad with you all.

On a different note, Earlier today I have tried many times to post this about my dad but I have been having major blogger problems. I also wanted to post my brand new giveaway but because of my blogger issues I could not do it. So right now I am working on and putting together a huge blog candy giveaway. Hopefully when I go to post it tomorrow I won't have any issues blogger wise. Have a wonderful night and I will talk to you tomorrow!! ~Terri