Monday, May 26, 2014

Embossing Clear Acetate or Plastic Using Cuttlebug Tutorial...

Happy Memorial Day! Boy it has been awhile since I have blogged but now that things in my life are calming down I have more time to get back to what I L❤VE...Crafting! YAY! That makes me so just don't know!

Today I have a fun tutorial for you all. Embossing on clear acetate or plastic, like the Cricut cartridge clamshells...Don't throw any of your clamshells, embossing folder packaging or any packaging that has clear plastic away. The reason why you would want to keep any and all that you can get your hands on is because you can cut out pieces of the acetate and run it through your Cuttlebug or any embossing machine. Say what??!! I know I was so excited about this technique and was really excited because I have TONS of those packages and I save them them all.

One tip that I suggest is if you start collecting all this clear plastic packaging instead of keeping all that bulk just cut out any pieces of the plastic that you can use and throw the rest away. It is much easier and neater to store the cut sheets of plastic then to keep all that bulky packaging!! Plus, when you want to emboss something really quick your sheets are all cut and ready to go!! Easy Peasy!

Take a peek at my YouTube video here at and you will see just how fast, easy and fun this is. The possibilities are limitless and it makes such an impressive look to your card, scrapbook page or craft! Once you try it you will be hooked!

I already have a few other tutorials all ready to post and I can't wait to show you all the fun and creative things you can do with the supplies you most likely already have in your stash!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and I will see you all very soon!!

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