Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday's Craft Haul & First Open House...

Well today was our very first open house and we had to be gone from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm today. So I decided that I would go to a few shops while waiting until our open house was over.

This is all of the goodies that I bought..and for really great prices.
My first stop was at our brand new just opened Big Lots and I was so excited to go check it out. While they did not have a very big craft aisle they did have a few items that I had to get, or too good to pass up rather!! lol

So I got 8 packs of Heidi Grace (LOVE her stuff) Epoxy Word Stickers..there are 34 epoxy stickers in each pack and they were only .25 cents each. So I bought 8 of them. There are all kinds of things that I can use them for. I found an American Crafts Brands Mini Pearl Brads 16 in a pack for $1.00. Really cute colors!!

Next I got 2 packs of hand dyed buttons made by American Crafts Elements for $1.00 for each pack. There are 24 buttons in each pack. They are super cute buttons. I did not need any more buttons because I have so so many buttons but I loved the colors so I just got them, plus with the price you cannot beat it. 

Then I found these KI Memories Brand Heartfelt Fuzzy Stickers Felt Letters, 50 letters in each pack for $1.00 so I got 2 packs of those. Big Lots also had these clear acrylic stamp sets for $2.00 each. The first set was made by Dear Lizzy & American Crafts..This first set is called "Whistle" and has a few flowers, cherries, music notes, the words: Springs, Grow, Have A Splendid Day & My Favorite. They next set is from American Crafts Brand and is called "Always". There are 12 stamps in this set and they say: With Sympathy, A Friend Always, Just Because, Thanks (all around in a circle repeated with a flower in the center) and a stamp that says To: You, From: Me and it has 2 other patterned stamps. Too Cute, Cute, Cute and for $2.00 each pack.. great deal!! Can you tell how much I LOVE a great deal! While there, I also got a wooden mounted stamp for $2.00 that repeats the words Thank You in severeal different fonts. Really adorable. They also had other Heidi Grace papers but I already had the ones they had but I didn't have this 12 x 12 stack of 48 papers for $4.00 and I LOVE these papers. This stack does not really have a name on it, it just says "Specialty Paper Pad" and on the bottom it says "Glitter" if you want to try to find it. Heidi Grace's stuff are really beautiful and different. They are all so cute. I have so many of her other items because I love her style and the colors that she uses. They do sell Heidi Grace items at Joann's that I know of for sure, so if you have not seen them I would recommend going and taking a look. You will probably fall in love just like I have. Oh I almost forgot, I also  got 3 Chunky Bumps Multi Dyed Needle Crafters Yarn and 1 Gala Yarns Mixed Fiber all for $1.00 each. All 4 were different colors. One is baby pink and white, another is white and 2 different color of  greens, One is baby pink, baby yellow & baby purple, One was baby blue, darker blue and white. I love them all. Plus, how can you beat those for $1.00 a piece?? They are all 50 g. (I am guessing the G stands for grams) packs. Let me tell you that it is ALOT of product for $1.00 each.

 I can use these for so many many different things. That was a great buy!! My last item at Big Lots was a Martha Stewart Aquarium Pigment Ink Pad for $2.00. It has 6 different colored inks all together in one stack.

 My next stop was at Joanns and I only got a few things there. I was sort of in a hurry. I got the DCWV Nana's Nursery Baby Girl  72 sheets Mat Stack on sale for $5.99 ( to be honest, I am not sure if I have this mat stack or, Fiskars clear acrylic stamp set of 26 stamps and it was $14.99 with a 30% off sale (no coupon needed). This set has alot of great sentiments that I can use for so many things. Then I found an EK Success Large Edger Punch of Hearts on clearance for $8.97.  While we were there we decided to stop at the clearance section like I always do and I found some Donna Dewberry "Texture Makers" which is 2 flexible sheets of embossing sheets. Now, I have never used these with my Cuttlebug but am going to try it. This pack was only .97 cents so I could not pass it up. If it works I will be the first to let you know that you can use these too. I am sure that they will work just fine. Just looking at them I think that I can use them with not one problem. I LOVE Donna Dewberry products and have SO many of her items that it is not even funny. Also in the clearance department was a few baskets filled with mini Inkadinkado stamps on sale for .50 cents each. So I got 5 different sets and then 2 packs of Studio G Clear Stamps that are Valentine Themed that were also .50 cents a piece. While waiting at the check out I found this clear clam shell case full of buttons for $5.99 and I used my 40% off coupon on it. I don't know how many buttons there are in this case but it is 10 full ounces of cute cute colored buttons. The very last thing I needed was some Black Thread for my sewing machine...which was only .99 cents.

After Joanns I ran into Tuesday Morning. If you have not heard of it or have never been into one of their stores I would HIGHLY recommend going. They have SO many great items at great, amazing and cheap prices. I also found a KI Memories 12 x 12 Glitter Pack called Toy Box Papers & included were some Glitter Papers, there are 18 papers in all included in this stack. This stack is super super cute and really colorful and for it to be only $2.99? Crazy good prices!!! One of the best deals that I found while at Tuesday Morning was for a 12 pack of Geo Breeze (photo safe) Domed Clear Circles for only .49 cents each, so I got 2 packs. Thinking about it now, I should have bought many more packs. Added to this lot from Tuesday Morning, I found a Fiskars Medium Square Squeeze Punch for only $3.99 (what a great price).

My last stop was to return something at Michael's and there was a big bin of ribbon for $1.00 each right at the check out. Don't you just love it when they place items at the check out? They know that more then likely we will grab something just like I So I bought 3 packs of ribbon. If I had more time I would have filled up my shopping cart full. Like I need more ribbon  One pack of ribbon was Happy Halloween with pumpkins, A pack of "Valentines Day ribbon" and it is just red, white, pink and a turquoise color stripped which can be used for other things besides Valentines Day and the last ribbon was brown with either light blue or light green polka dots. Kinda hard to tell, but it is really cute! So after all that and especially rushing I feel that I got some really great items to add to my already massive stash of supplies. I will never pass up a great deal!! Even if I don't need it right now, I can always use it later.

My goal this week is to try and dig out my supplies and make a card or two.  I really want to make special thank you cards for our real estate agents for doing such a great job trying to sell our house. We got super super lucky when we got them. Once I make them I will for sure post pictures.

Oh, how can I forget this?? Last week I ordered Peachy Keen Stamps that were called Rag Doll & Teddy Face Assortment
PK-670 and they were $25.00. SOOOOO cute!!!I just love the Rag Doll Faces and to add Bear Faces in the mix.. omg.. too cute!
Soon I am going to get the  PK-751 Animal Faces - Medium (set 50) and the
PK-751 Animal Faces - Medium (set 50) Price: $35.95. If you do not own these stamps I would recommend getting at least one set to start. Peachy Keen Stamps are top, top, top of the line and are worth every single cent and then some. 
Like most of you, I am a massive fan of PKS.
So that was part of my day today. I just thought I would share my finds with you in hopes that you to can find any of these items at your local stores that you wish to have in your collection. The key is to look and you may be shocked at what you can find and on sale.
 If you have not entered into my giveaway for your own custom made stamp or any other item "Skip The Stamp Man" has available please take a moment and enter. You cannot win if you do not enter. And I really want you to win!!! Skip did an AMAZING job on my Two Pink Peas stamp. I just love it so much!
K, I am off to relax for a little bit then am going to try to make some cards. Thank you for visiting Two Pink Peas. I appreciate each and every one of your visits. Have a wonderful day today! ~Terri