Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ipsy November Glam Bag Review & Glam Bag Giveaway
Hi crafters! Today I am blogging about something that is not craft related but I LOVE this company so much and I hope after reading this post that you will too. The company I am talking about is called ipsy. I love ipsy so much that I wanted to share this with all of you in case you have not heard of it before or if you have not yet signed up to receive a monthly glam bag.
ipsy is an amazing company that is subscription based and for a mere $10.00 a month, and that includes shipping and handling by the way or you could say that the shipping is free, but each month you will receive an adorable makeup bag filled with superb quality makeup products, hair care products, face products and everything else you can think of. Each month/glam bag is different. I have been an ipsy subscriber for awhile now and I have no plans of cancelling anytime soon. By receiving different products from ipsy this allows you to sample different products and brands without the fear of spending a ton of money on one product that you have never used before and being afraid that you will not like it or that it will not look good on you.

Look at ALL you get for $10.00...all of the photo's posted here today are all of the products that I received in my glam bag for the month of November.
Below is a list and close up photos of the products that were in my bag. Each ipsy bag may have the exact same products or you may receive a few different products then other members.  This difference can be based on your preferences when you first sign up.

Ok, so this month I got a lip product from the company "be a bombshell" and the color is called "hot damn".
It's a red lip crayon.
Next is from the company "nailtini" & it's a gorgeous nail polish in color caviar cocktail. The best way I can describe the color is that it is a beautiful silver metallic, not too dark and not too light.
This next product is by "bh cosmetics" galaxy chic baked eyeshadow in the color eclipse. This eye shadow comes in a really cute flip top box with a magnetic lid and the color kind of looks like a shimmery light purple. It could be darker purple once you put it on but like I said I am not 100% sure yet as I have not tried it because I just received it today. I can say that the color is really gorgeous. I am not one for super bold or dark eye shadow colors but I am excited to try this color.
This picture makes this eye shadow look green but I promise you that it is not green. It's a soft metallic purple color. So please ignore the color in this picture.
Last of the products is an absolutely beautiful bronzer by "pixi" and the color is called subtly suntouched.
Below is a "Star Looks" eye pencil/eye liner in the color amethyst. I did not unwrap it so I cannot describe the color. Sorry about that!
The next product is a sheer lipstick lip gallery by ".em Michelle Phan" in the color cabana beige
(I really love this color, it's so pretty on).
This does not show the color correctly but I wanted to try and show you what the color sort of looks like. It looks sheer on me, it's very natural looking.
Every single product is gorgeous and I didn't even get to the make-up bag that comes packed with all your products every single month. This month's bag, shown above, is a gold color embossed bag with hot pink lining and hot pink zipper with a gold embossed wrist handle. I would consider it a wristlet and it is so darn precious. If you want to or need to run somewhere really quick and you don't want to carry your purse and all that us girls stuff in them you certainly could use the wristlet/bag as just that....a wristlet.  My purse is probably close to 20 pounds and I am not even kidding. You know how girls want to carry absolutely everything but never seem to need any of it? Well that's totally me and I know that I am not alone! :)
If all of that was not enough, every month you will always get coupons with your ipsy glam bag. For example this month you will get 30% off all product purchases from
Every month is different as one month you may get coupon codes for certain companies, usually the coupon codes match the products that are in your glam bag or like this month you get 30% off all products from It will always be a little double sided card or cards like the two pictured above.
Oh, and how can I forget the adorable girly ipsy packaging?? Every glam bag is always is delivered to you in a hot pink bubble wrapped envelope which is SO cute, so girly and just so cute! You see the packaging above. Too cute!Oh, and how can I forget the adorable girly ipsy packaging?? Every glam bag is always is delivered to you in a hot pink bubble wrapped envelope which is SO cute, so girly and just so cute! You see the packaging above and what it looks like inside the package when you open it. Too cute!
This may sound weird to some of you but I actually save all of my envelopes for later use when I mail something to someone that I love or care about. They are just too cute to just throw away plus it's completely reusable so why not save them and re-use them when you need a cute envelope??!!
Just throw a new label on top of the old label and you are all set to go and you saved money to boot!
Plus, it is a great way to recycle and help the earth and I am always trying to do my part.
Here are a few close up pictures of the glam bag all together.

   This month they are having a one year ipsy glam bag giveaway. If you post a pic of your ipsy goodies either on ipsy instagram (make sure to follow directions carefully and include #ipsy with your picture) or if you don't have instagram you can post your picture on ipsy facebook for a chance to win a one year glam bag subscription.
Of course I already posted mine, fingers and toes crossed!

Even though this has nothing to do with crafting I really wanted to share this with you all. Every girl deserves some amazing goodies and to get them every month makes it even better.  You are probably wondering how to sign up for this amazing deal? Well it's so easy...just go to and click on become a member. You will have a series of questions, don't worry as this is super easy and really fast. Ipsy wants to know what products and brands you love the most and after selecting your favorites enter your personal info and credit card or payment method and voila you are signed up. That's when the fun begins. 

I really hope that you all enjoyed this post and in closing I do want to mention that I do NOT get anything in return ever for sharing this even if you sign up and I am never paid (unless posted or sponsored) for my opinions or paid for posting about companies such as ipsy. If I LOVE a product or service I really love to share it with those that I care about and that happens to be every single one of you.

Oh, one more can absolutely cancel at any time without being penalized. That is important to me as I don't like contracts for things like this. If you happen to sign up I would love to hear from you or after you receive your first ipsy bag.
I would LOVE to know how you love your glam bags. 
So please feel free to leave me a comment anytime because as you all know I always love hearing from you all. 

Tomorrow I am going to share one AMAZING, crazy and insane deal that I found yesterday while out shopping so be on the lookout for that. This is related to crafting, well stamping to be exact and it's an incredible deal that I got. Honestly, I still can't believe it and because of this amazing deal I am gonna have a craft supply goodie bag giveaway!! 
 Until then....
Big Cricut Hugs! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Free Custom Made Subway Art....

Subway art is one of the hottest things that people love to create and display either in their home, on wood or canvas, clothing, online or whatever else you can imagine. Today I stumbled upon a website that allows you to create a free subway type art with whatever words you want and any color combo your heart desires. Since this website is brand new to me I wanted to play around with it and honestly it was very easy to get the hang of. I created a few different styles to share with you just to show you a little bit of what this website can do. With your imagination, creativity and some inspiration the sky is the limit. Now I did not spend too much time on these but you get the idea here.  

This one is just repeated over and over.

With this one I just typed in different words that goes with the type of crafts I make. Imagine printing something like this and framing it in a pretty frame and hanging it up in your crafting space or where ever you would like to put it. 

With this one is obviously just TwoPinkPeas again in a square shape. I was just playing with the different colors and shapes. They do have a certain amount of shapes on their website but you are able to upload any shape you wish off the internet if they do not have what you are looking for have what you are looking for. 

With this last one I created for my little girl Hallie. I thought of words that described her personality, things that she is into right now and things that she loves like music, school and the sport that she is into right now. Thinking about it now I totally forgot to add that she is in band but this is for show only so its no big deal. I cant believe that I forgot that one though....oops! Sorry Hallie! 

To make one of these for yourself just go to this website which is called Tagxedo and create away but most of all have FUN! You can also click on any of the pictures above to take you to Tagxedo.
One more thing, this website allows you to save your creations to your computer so you can print them later if you decide or place them on your blog, Pinterest, Facebook or where ever you would like to share them. 

Until next time...
Big Cricut Hugs!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Miss Tutu...I custom made my granddaughters tutu for her 1st birthday party celebration...

 This is the surprise tutu that I made for my sweet, now 1 year old granddaughter, McKenzie for her very 1st birthday party. I wanted to share photos of this adorable tutu with you all now and very soon I will post a full how to tutorial on how I made this in case any of you wanted to make one yourself. This really was a fun project to make and sadly these pictures do not do this gorgeous little tutu justice. I used a ton of tulle and a baby headband for the waist. You can see the different colors of tulle in the photos and I also added some sweet ribbon that matches the tulle perfectly just as a little extra something. The ribbon makes it so much sweeter. 

The pink satin ribbon in front is made it so that it can be removed. Basically it is held on the baby headband/waist band by another piece of ribbon tied onto the waist.
 This is a side view of the entire outfit. My daughter had bought the Birthday Girl top and amazingly I did not see this top until after I completed this tutu. We got lucky as it matched absolutely perfectly. I had bought a shirt and matching lace leggings that matches this tutu but once I saw her Birthday Girl shirt and how perfectly it matched it was almost like it was meant to be. What is also so amazing is that Lindsay, my daughter, had absolutely NO idea that I was even making this tutu for Kenzie. It was a surprise for both of them. Lindsay found a few birthday tutus for Kenzie online but they were so expensive, ridiculously expensive actually and so the second I knew how bummed my daughter was because she wanted Kenzie to wear a tutu on her first birthday party but didnt want to spend that amount of money for an outfit that Kenzie would wear one time I knew I was gonna make one. That is when I knew that I had to make one for her and I did. When I finally shared the news and showed Lindsay the finished tutu she was completely shocked and SO excited. She even took it to work with her and showed every one including her customers. That warmed my heart like you could not believe. Making someone you love so happy like that is the best feeling in the entire world.  
We know that Kenzie is going to look like a little princess and her new tutu will complete the look of her entire birthday party. I cannot wait to see her in it and am so excited to share the pictures with you all.

 Just a few close up pics of the front of the tutu. As you can see I used two different pink tulles in different color tones, white tulle with glitter, silver tulle with glitter and a few different soft pink ribbons.  
 This is the bottom of the tutu. It is one of the fullest, fluffiest tutus I have ever seen. Is this not absolutely adorable? I was so happy that my daughter Lindsay loved it as much as she did. That alone made it staying up all night and all the time it took to complete it absolutely worth it.  Lindsay plans on framing it and hanging this in Kenzies bedroom because she loves it that much. That makes this mama so happy!
And finally the back of the tutu with a close up of the waist band and you are able to see the how the pink satin bow is tied on if you look closely. My granddaughter Kenzies birthday party is not until this Saturday so once she wears this we will be taking a lot of photos of her and I will be sure to share pictures of how adorable she looks.                                                                                                        Thank you all so much for stopping by and taking a peek at this super sweet tutu that I made for my beautiful grandbaby. Be on the look out for a detailed how to video coming soon. If I can create this tutu then anyone can.                                                                                                     As always Big Cricut Hugs!   ~Terri                                                               

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Free Blogger Opportunity & Vtech InnoTab 3S Giveaway

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

TONIGHTS Cricut Cartridge Flash Giveaway...


                        Here is  TONIGHTS flash Cricut Cartridge GIVEAWAY info. Please Friend Request Me at then Like and Share the Cricut Cartridge Giveaway post and then leave me a comment on facebook letting me know that you did both. If you wish to get extra entries (I mean, Who would not want extra chances to win? I know I would! :O) ) you can share with Pinterest, Blogger, WordPress, Instagram, Google+ or Twitter. Then just leave me a comment with the link and you are entered. If you are not yet a follower of my Two Pink Peas Blog you can also follow me on GFC for an extra entry here at then just leave me a comment either here that you now follow me or on facebook is ok as well. Good luck and remember that you cannot win if you don't enter!                                                                              As always.....Big Cricut Hugs!                               ~Terri                                                       

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Craft Room Sensory Overload...& Update....

Boy talk about sensory overload today...After unpacking more boxes of craft supplies my head was literally spinning.
But what a great problem to have and I am definitely NOT complaining. I know and realize how very blessed I am to be able to buy so many amazing craft supplies. I wanted to apologize for this video...I took it on my cell phone and I was turning it up and sideways so some of the video is sideways because of that. But I wanted to show you all what it looks like in a video versus plain old photographs. I hope you all don't get dizzy watching this Oopsie! :)
 I have been slowly but surely been unpacking my massive amounts of craft supplies in my new craft room. Four days a week I babysit my beautiful little granddaughter and so I have not had much time to really get in my room and unpack/organize my stuff. I will have to post some photos of her soon...she is absolutely beautiful and she has the funniest most beautiful little personality already. We love her so very much and I am so blessed that I get to spend so much time with her. We have such a special bond already and she just melts my heart every time she looks at me with her gorgeous gigantic smile. Ahh.. I could talk about her for hours and hours. Such a sweet little girl. We are so blessed to have Kenzie in our family.
Ok... so back to my craft Once I get talking about Kenzie I can ramble on and on about how amazing she let me stop now before I forget what I wanted to post for you all tonight. Before we sold our last house and moved I did not feel comfortable leaving all of my cricut cartridges in storage. As you all know these cartridges and craft supplies in general are really expensive and so to be safe I emptied every cartridge taking out each booklet, overlay and cartridge. I put all of my cartridges in big gallon baggies and kept them at my in laws (they were a God send allowing us to store so many of my craft supplies in their home for close to 9 months and I appreciate them being so kind. I don't know what I would have done without a huge Thank You to my in laws for being so sweet about it) because keeping them stored in a storage unit exposed to all the extreme elements really worried me. There was no way I wanted to take a chance and have any of them ruined. My cricut booklets and cartridge boxes were stored in our storage unit while the overlays and cartridges themselves were kept inside the house. As you see I have alot of cartridges and today I wanted to get the cartridges, overlays and booklets back in their proper cases. Thank goodness for my sweet little girl Hallie and my niece Jillian as they really helped me ALOT. Having their help really shaved alot of time and for that I am so grateful. So here is a few photos of what our mess looked like before.

All of my cartridges after being taken out of the gallon baggies...and if you have not watched my video above you will see just how many Cricut Cartridges I have.

The overlays I stored in a big boot shoe box and these were kept inside. We have extreme weather here and I was not going to take any chances of them being ruined.

After finishing putting my cartridges back together I wanted to tackle my stamps. This is not all that I own.. this was just the ones I had packed in a big box. It has been about 9 or 10 months since I have seen all of my supplies and so it kinda felt like Christmas to me today.

This is the other half of what was in the box. When you go as long as I did not being able to see and use all your craft supplies you literally forget what you have. At least that is how it was for me. But I will admit that my memory is That is why I said it was sensory overload for me For months now I have been brain storming trying to figure out how I was going to organize all my stamps so that I could easily find what I need in a speedy manner. It bugs me so much when I need a stamp or punch and I cannot find it and then I spend a ton of time just searching for it. Spending so much time searching for certain craft supplies takes away from being able to create and plus I don't like it when I cannot find what I need quickly.
After thinking and thinking about how in the world I could organize these wood mounted stamps so that I could easily find what I need and grab it and go I thought why not store my stamps like they do in some craft stores??!! So that is  exactly what I am gonna do. This is a photo I found on Pinterest (picture is below...I pinned it under Two Pink Peas Craft Room Ideas this link takes you to my Pinterest  page which is amazing as I am always pinning so many creative and amazing cards and crafts so please feel free to follow me) that shows you what I am talking about. Except I am gonna have longer slats of wood and probably more rows since I have so many wood mounted I plan to continue to purchase more and more as I am addicted to them! As far as my acrylic stamps...and I have ALOT...I am not 100% sure yet on how I am going to organize them. One of my blog readers suggested storing them in empty clear cd cases and I might just do that.
For those who have a ton of stamps how do you store yours and what is the best way you have organized them so that they are easy to find when you need them? Any suggestions or comments are always greatly appreciated!

Storing wooden stamps this way is probably my favorite storage idea that I have found so far. Finding an image is so easy when they are displayed this way. For those who do not know I am having a giveaway for the one who gives me the most creative or smart idea on how to store craft supplies. Just leave me a comment below letting me know your best idea and once I select the idea that will work the best for me I will get a goodie bag together for the winner as a thank you.
Thank you for stopping by Two Pink Peas today and stay tuned as I will be adding more updates and videos and hopefully my finished, very beautiful and very organized new craft room.
As Always...Big Cricut Hugs....

Monday, April 8, 2013

New Unorganized/Unpacked Craft Room & Giveaway For Best Advice...

Hi crafters!! So I finally was able to take a short video of my craft room, which is very unorganized and unpacked right now, and upload it to show you. We have been so busy with the rest of our house and my craft room is unfortunetly coming last. My goal was to unpack this room first but it just did not work out that way...but that is ok!
I just can't wait to get in there and get crafting!
I was thinking and decided to add some fun into this process. I would LOVE any organization advice, photos, videos or anything you have that would help me decide how I am going to decorate and organize my craft room.
So this is what I am gonna do... whoever gives me the best advice, photo or video idea will receive a prize from me for helping me decide how to decorate my new craft room.
Feel free to leave me a comment with either a link to a photo, pinterest page, your facebook page, youtube video or what ever you chose and after every one leaves a comment
I will look at each and every idea and then pick a WINNER for being so kind to help me out.
Here are a few things that matter to me... I LOVE things to have a place, labels are important to me, different and creative ways to organize stamps, embellishments and so on are also very important to me.

I could go on and on about things that matter to me but I am now going to turn this over to all of you. Let's have some fun and I will of course be doing more video updates as my craft room decor and organization begins so you will be able to follow me. Thanks so much in advance and I will check in with you all in a few days!!
Big Cricut Hugs!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two Pink Peas is Back & Lot's of Updates!

I am back and I wanted to share a few things.
You all knew that we were building a new house...
Well it is DONE! I cannot believe it and I wanted to share a few photo's for you.
This is our new kitchen..well part of it anyway.

This is another view of the kitchen and you can see it opens
to our family room.

This is a view of the kitchen from the family room.
I am in LOVE with my frosted Pantry door.
This is our formal dining room.
It shows our raised panel wainscoting on the bottom.
The top is this very beautiful rich red color. I LOVE it!
It is absolutely stunning in real life.
We have a tray ceiling with hidden lights. It just sets the right mood when those are on.
If you look closely you can see the light in the tray ceiling as it is on.

This is my craft room. It is a beautiful tan color on top and a darker brown on bottom. The photo does not show the correct color of the paint.

The closet to my craft room.

The windows in my craft room. My craft room faces the front of the house so I will be able to keep an eye on my kids while they are outside playing.
We are closing tomorrow and will move in this weekend.
I cannot wait to get settled in. Once I get to my craft room, which will be one of the most important rooms for me, I will be posting lots of photo's and videos for you to see.

I cannot wait to unpack all of my craft supplies and organize them. I have not been able to craft since we sold our house and started building this one.
To keep me busy while our house was being built I have been babysitting my beautiful grandbaby McKenzie. That is while we were not having meetings on the house and picking out everything we needed. It was so hard to believe just how much work goes into building a house. But it was so worth it.
It took us very close to 8 months and I have really missed crafting. My first project will be making a name banner for McKenzie. I already bought this gorgeous fabric paper pad for her banner and I just need to get my Imagine or Cricut out and work on it. I really hopes it turns out beautiful.
McKenzie's bedroom is pink and brown in color so I will match her name banner to her nursery.
About 2 weeks ago I had to have gallbladder surgery. I never had gallbladder issues until I started to get these terrible attacks. I had already knew I had stones and lots of sludge because I had an ultrasound of my kidneys and gallbladder. So once my surgeon saw the ultrasound he said it needed to come out. I am not 100% yet as I had a bad reaction to the derma bond they used. My incisions got infected which was not fun to go through that. I am not still healed yet but I am on my way.
Once we get settled in I will be posting a great giveaway to celebrate our new house and that Two Pink Peas is back!
It feels like it has been forever since I crafted last.
I hope everyone is doing good and I really miss you all so much. But keep your eyes posted for my giveaway and photo's and videos showing the progress of my craft room.
I have tons of other photo's to share to show off our house.
Those will come very soon!
If any of you have any advice on organizing craft rooms I would love to hear your suggestions or comments.
Have a wonderful day everyone and I will see you very soon!
Big Cricut Hugs!