Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two Pink Peas Tuesday's Tool Of The Week...

So for today's Two Pink Peas Tuesday's Tool Of The Week
I am picking my favorite stamps which is of course
Peach Keen Stamps!!!

These 2 sets I have along with many other sets but I wanted to share them with you all. I know that many of you own Peachy Keen Stamps but some have never purchased a set.
Let me tell you that PKS are one of the
BEST made, BEST quality and we cannot forget how
absolutely adorable they all are.
I wanted to also add that they are having Blog Hop on June 3rd and New Releases are coming up soon. I cannot wait to see what they are!! I am super excited to see them! I am sure that I will be first in line to order

So there you have it, I think that this is a great pick for this Tuesday. Especially since they are coming out with new releases. If you get a chance to visit Peachy Keen Stamps and you place an order, could you please just let them know that Terri of Two Pink Peas sent you? I have always said before that I do not get anything in return but I love to support companies that I love and adore and want those companies to know how much I support them. PKS is one of those amazing companies that you just cannot beat!!

Have a fabulous night!! ~Terri

Monday, May 30, 2011

Cricut Cartridge Giveaway Plus Peel N Stick Ribbon...

In honor of Memorial Day I wanted to have a giveaway for you all. This is for the Cricut Audrey Imagine Cartridge and 12 packs of Peel N Stick Ribbon (you will get 3 packs of each ribbon shown above). For this giveaway you just need to be a follower to qualify. For a bonus entry just place this giveaway on your blog somewhere, even on your sidebar then come back and leave me a seperate comment. One comment if you are a follower and another comment if you placed this on your blog. I will leave this giveaway open for one week. If you are on this blog you must leave the comments below to be eligible for the giveaway (not on Comments left there will not count.

Good luck everyone and I hope you all have a fabulous Memorial Day!!! ~Terri

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cutting & Settings Guide For Your Favorite Material Using The Cricut...

Lately I have noticed that alot of my visitors have been searching for cutting guides and what is the best blade depth, pressure setting, speed and so on when cutting certain materials. So I did some research and found this little cutting guide and it was posted on the Cricut Chirp. I hope this helps those of you who are needing some assistance when cutting certain materials.

The following was posted on the Cricut Chip on 02.23.10:Settings guide for favorite materials

Scrapbook Paper and Cardstock - Standard Blade Machine Settings: Speed 2 (Low), Pressure 5 (High), Blade Depth 5, Multi Cut 1

Bazzill, textured paper/cardstock - Standard Blade Machine Settings: Speed 1 (Min), Pressure 5 (Max), Blade Depth 6, Multi Cut 1

Fabric (0.023"/0.58mm thick) - Deep Blade Machine Settings: Speed 3 (Med), Pressure 4 (High), Blade Depth 5, Multi Cut 1 
Note: Use a thin iron-on interfacing with the fabric, set the iron at its highest temperature setting. Apply direct heat and pressure to flocking for approximately 30 seconds. Peel protective liner when cool. Wash and dry garment inside out.

Magnet (0.035"/0.080mm thick) - Deep Blade Machine Settings: Speed 2 (Med), Pressure 5 (Max), Blade Depth 6, Multi Cut 4

Stencil (0.0155"/0.40mm thick) - Standard Blade Machine Settings: Speed 2 (Med), Pressure 5 (Max), Blade Depth 6, Multi Cut 2 
Note: Adhesive is repositionable. Replace liner to protect adhesive during storage.

Chipboard (0.059"/1.50mm thick) - Deep Blade Machine Settings: Speed 3 (Med), Pressure 4 (High), Blade Depth 6, Multi Cut 5 
Note: A fresh mat is needed to hold material. Small pieces of chipboard may require tape to stay in place.

Emboss (0.0160"/0.41mm thick) - Standard Blade Machine Settings: Speed 3 (Med), Pressure 5 (Max), Blade Depth 6, Multi Cut 2

Stamp (0.0415"/1.05mm thick) - Deep Blade Machine Settings: Speed 3 (Med), Pressure 4 (High), Blade Depth 5, Multi Cut 1 
Note: Use a fresh mat to keep material firmly in place.

Also, while I am posting this I wanted to address the new Cricut Craft Room. I tried and tried to gain access to the CCR but was unable to even after downloading the software. I did some research and found out that only a select few are able to use the beta version and they will slowly send out invitations via email when we will be able to gain access. I am really excited to try it out and see how it will work.

Anyhow, I hope that this cutting guide will help those who have been looking for some kind of cutting guide. I know that this does not include every type of material that you can cut using the Cricut but it covers the most basic. Hope you all are having a great weekend! ~Terri

You All HAVE To See This Adorable Video Of Quads Laughing At The Same Time...

Just go to to view the video. It is adorable and made me smile to big today!! I had to share it with you all.

Get a 100% FREE Mini Photo Book..Free Shipping...

Today I ordered a 100% free 21 page Mini Photo Book from No credit card needed. Hurry though, you only have until June 1st to get in on this great freebie. Just go to the website and put in your email address...then you will receive a coupon in your email for a 100% free Mini Photo Book with NO shipping. Can't beat that!! I can't wait to get mine!! ~Terri

Friday, May 27, 2011

Over 50 Cricut Cartridges On Sale For $19.00...

I wanted to let you all know that if you go to you will find that they are having a 24 hour sale on Cricut Cartridges for $19.00 each. For those of you who have never been to Paper Crafting Pro you have to be a member to purchase items but if you are brand new you can sign up for a 2 day free trial, no credit cards needed to sign up, and you can purchase items in that free trial period. A few of the titles for sale are   Boys Will Be Boys, Ornamental Iron, Car Decals, Picturesque, Country Life, Happy Hauntings , Life's A Party.  They also have the Your Story Bundle on sale for $27.00. This is the bundle with the paper cutter, 24 pouches, 5 binders and more... so that is a really great deal.

I hope that this helps those of you who are looking for a great deal on Cricut Cartridges. Talk to ya soon! ~Terri

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two Pink Peas Tuesday's Tool Of The Week...

Hi guys!! For this Two Pink Peas Tuesday's Tool Of The Week (say that 5 times in a row I decided to chose the Cricut GoBe. I wanted to pick something different and something that not everyone has heard of or has used before. The GoBe is a portable battery powered charging station and power hub.  It's great to use with your Cricut. You can actually use it the GoBe to power other items as well, like small appliances, lamps, computers, pda's, radios, cell phones, etc. This battery pack allows you to take your Cricut machines anywhere you wish and not have to worry about finding an power outlet. Imagine taking this to scrapbooking or card making get togethers, camping or anywhere else. With the GoBe you have the freedom of using your Cricut machines anywhere. There is also a GoBe Briefcase available too. It's not necessarily something that everyone would need, but if you do ever need power when none is available ... this tool is sure handy to have. The Solar Briefcase is a briefcase type design that opens up to reveal solar panels that charge in the sun. It is a portable recharging station for the GoBe and extends the life of the GoBe's power. You can find this online in many places. I hope you all enjoy seeing the tools that I pick out each and every Tuesday.

On to me, I feel bad that I have not posted very much lately. I have been busy with our house selling and building and then I decided that I needed to take some "me" time. With things being so crazy it was so nice to just relax and not have to worry about anything for a few days. We are pretty sure that we have our new house plans all done. My Two Pink Peas Room is going to be so amazing. It is actually a bonus room off of my master bedroom. I can't wait to get in there and start decorating it and get back to making cards and scrapbook pages. Once our house is done I will be posting tons and tons of pictures of our whole house but more importantly my Two Pink Peas Room. Lately I have been looking online for inspiration and decorating ideas. It is going to be a seriously amazing creative space just for me and I am so excited for that. Thanks for visiting my blog and as always I love to read your comments or suggestions. Take care and talk to you all soon.. ~Terri

Friday, May 20, 2011

Love That Bug Finished Custom Made Stamp From Skip The Stamp Man...

So I got an email from Skip The Stamp Man with this picture of the stamp that he made for Stacy at Love That Bug and I just LOVE it!! He did such a great job and it turned out SO adorable. I really love the monkey that they added.  Like I told you all before if you are looking for a custom made stamp like this one or the Two Pink Peas one he made for me I would highly recommend getting one. Plus, his prices are amazing. If you are interested just go to to purchase one. Skip is amazing to work with and actually they are working on a new one for Two Pink Peas right now. When I get it I will be sure to show you all what it looks like.
If you want to visit Stacy at Love That Bug her link is.. .  Congrats again Stacy for being the winner of this great stamp.

Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you all very soon! ~Terri

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Pink Peas Tuesday's Tool Of The Week...

When I first started my Two Pink Peas blog, I posted my favorite tools on Tuesdays but because I got so busy I stopped doing that. Starting right now I am going to go back to posting my favorite new tools, crafting items or other tools that will help you create and embellish your paper crafting creations.

For this Tuesday I wanted to share with you all a set of ribbon punches that I actually own.

 They are called Anna Griffin® Ribbon Border Paper Punches Set of 4 and you can get them here at  HSN.Com .

For the set of 4 they cost $39.95 plus shipping of $ 6.21
The item number is 100-826.
But before you purchase these do a quick search for some HSN coupons. Here is a list of some of the current coupons listed on Hsn.Com that you can use...

New Customer Coupons:

If you've never shopped at before, here's your chance to save on your first purchase.
  • Free S&H for new customers on first purchase single item within the same order with a max saving of $25.
    Use Coupon #C55551 at checkout.
  • 15% off for new customer – first purchase single Item within same order with a max savings of $75.
    Use Coupon #C50842 at checkout. 
 New or Repeat Customer Coupons:If you're new to HSN or have shopped with us before, here's your chance to get in on extra savings in your favorite stores.


$5 off your crafts purchase of $25 or more. Use Coupon #C59929 at checkout.
$5 off your beauty purchase of $25 or more. Use Coupon #C50314 at checkout.
$10 off your home purchase of $100 or more. Use Coupon #C53200 at checkout.
Free S&H on jewelry purchase of $50 or more. Use Coupon #C51899 at checkout.

This is what the HSN.Com website says about these great and amazing punches..

Anna Griffin Ribbon Border Paper Punches Set of 4 Ribbons and bows make your crafts even more special. Not only do these ribbon hole punches make it easy to embellish your pages with ribbon, they also create attractive, continuous borders. An excellent tool for making professional-looking invitations, place cards, greeting cards, scrapbook pages and more.

Anna Griffin Ribbon Border Paper Punch Set Features
  • Easily make decorative, die-cut edges in a continuous pattern
  • Perfectly spaced for weaving a ribbon through the holes
  • 4 distinctive designs
  • Punches perform best on text-weight papers
  • Each measures approx. 5"L x 2"W x 2-1/2"H
I have used these punches a few times on some of my cards but the ways you can use these punches are literally limitless! These 4 punches are really great to add to your everyday paper crafting tools. Plus, you just can't beat the price, $ 40.00 for 4 punches.. great deal! Hopefully this will help those who are looking for punches to add to your collection.
 I would love to see any projects that you make if you already own these or are are planning on getting them.
Have a great night everybody! ~Terri

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sorry That I Have Not Posted In Over A Week...

Things have been crazy around my house lately and that is why I have not been able to post lately. So I thought that I would just give you all a quick update as to what has been going on with me.

First of all Mother's Day was amazing, as usual!! My sweet daughter Hallie made me a card with a homemade cd with some pictures of cards that I made and some other pictures on it. It was really really sweet. I will post a picture of that soon. Maybe even tomorrow. Then I got to order a new Coach purse. Coach is my favorite handbag brand and although I have alot of them I really needed a new one so I got that. You can never ever have to many handbags, right?? At least I can't!! :o) LOL Then I got my favorite...Chinese food, which was so yummy!! Oh, how can I forget? I also got some new crafting supplies which I will post a picture of those soon too. I got a few new cartridges, new paper and some other random things that I needed. Well, not really needed but  I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, even those of you who are not mommy's.. I hope you at least got to spend time with your Mother. What a special day to honor your Mother!

We have been crazy busy with our house. Lately we have been getting alot of interest and at the same time we are working on the house that we are building. My Two Pink Peas Craft Room is going to be a bit bigger then we thought. My husband Den rearranged some of the space and it will pretty much be the size of a normal bedroom. I am really excited about that. We are just finalizing the final details of the floor plan. It is alot harder then I thought it was going to be. Fun but very tedious!

When we move in I will be getting both the Imagine and probably the CE2 also. I don't want to get them right now because I have not been able to make cards and stuff like I want to with our house on the market. We never know day to day if someone wants to come see our house so everything is put up. Plus, I really don't want to get them and have them sit in the boxes for 5 or 6 months and then pull them out to use them and have something be wrong with them. That would not be good. So that is why I am waiting.

Also, I have about 4 or 5 brand new, never linked to Gypsy Cricut Cartridges that I am going to put up for sale, some are Imagine and I thought I would give you all first dibs if you are interested. In the next coming days I will make a post about what I have and how much and if you are interested in them just let me know and we will work something out. I can tell you that 1 is the Cars Decals Cartridge, then I have the Audrey Cricut Imagine Cartridge, Snapshot Everyday Cricut Imagine, Speaking Of Fall and Cricut Office. That is all I can think of off the top of my head. I might have more but will have to look and see. But I will post the details in the next few days for you all. The prices will be really great and lower the usual. So more to come about that later.

I hope all is going well with all of you. Although I have been busy I am still visiting alot of your blogs to see what you all have been up to. Hopefully things will settle down and I will be able to pull my supplies out and do some creating.
It is a chore to pull it all out but worth it. I miss being able to make cards anytime I wish! But once we move into our new house I will be creating almost daily, which is exciting to me.
Gonna run and head to is 6 am I have to get up early because we have a few appointments tomorrow.
Have a great day everyone!
Thanks for stopping by Two Pink Peas!! ~Terri

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Winner Of The Custom Made Stamp Is.....

OMG, I am so super excited to make this announcement and for this winner....She is getting a Custom Made Stamp of her choice by Skip The Stamp Man.

For those who did not win this time you can always order one at . When I ordered my Two Pink Peas stamp I was actually shocked when I received is that nice. Very professional and very beautifully made!! Plus, the price was unreal, especially for a custom made stamp. I paid under $10.00 for it all and that includes shipping.
Great and amazing deal!!!

So here we go...I picked the winner through Random.Org and the winner is Stacy of Love That Bug. Her blog address is and I am very proud to be her newest follower. I am really sorry that I did not follow you before. For some strange reason I thought I was a follower of yours. Oopsie!! :o)

I am truly SO very excited for you.

Stacy is ALWAYS leaving very sweet comments on my blog and I really appreciate her so much. She has been a really great follower of mine and so I just want to Thank You for visiting my blog as much as you do and for also leaving as many comments as you do. You are such a sweetheart and you totally deserve this prize!!

Stacy's comment was:

Love That Bug said...

I love your stamp and this is a great giveaway

I will try to contact you on your blog Stacy but if you see this before I get to you please email me your email address at so I can pass your information on to Skip. He will then email you and you can then tell him what you want your custom made stamp to say. I would LOVE to see it when you receive it from Skip.

Before I go, I wanted to thank Skip The Stamp Man at again for sponsoring this great and creative giveaway!!! I really appreciate your generosity and willingness to give away one of your beautiful stamps. I will always refer my followers and fellow crafters to you to get one of your custom made stamps. I just LOVE mine so much!! It was worth every single cent and then some!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day to Stacy and to everyone that is reading this right now. I hope you had a wonderful day today.
I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Mother's Day so Happy Mother's Day to those of you who are mother's!! Talk to you all very soon!! ~Terri

Paper Crafting Pro Buy 3 Cricut Cartridges Get A Red, White Leather CGull Cartridge Bag For FREE...

Yet another good deal because of National Scrapbooking Day. If you go to and purchase ANY 3 Cricut Cartridges you will get this Red and White Leather Limited Edition CGull Cartridge bag for FREE.

I actually own this exact bag and LOVE it!! I am using it right now to store alot of my cartridges while we are in the middle of moving. The quality is amazing and the bag holds SO much!!

Just wanted to pass this along to you. I think I am setting a record today...look at how many blog posts I have added to my blog! There will be alot more great deals and giveaways to come through out this whole day today!!

This is what Paper Crafting Pro says about this offer:

We want to celebrate Mother's Day by offering our customers a wonderful free gift. For this weekend only, purchase any 3 Cricut cartridges, and get a Red and White Leather Limited Edition CGull Cartridge Bag for free. It's this easy:First: Add the Red and White Cartridge Bag to your shopping cart.
Second: Add any 3 
Cricut or Cricut Imagine cartridges to your shopping cart.
Third: When finished shopping, proceed to checkout and enter coupon
code freegift to receive the discount. Then complete your order

Once again, if you happen to go to and purchase something could you please let them know that Terri of Two Pink Peas sent you? I really appreciate that so much. It really means alot to me that anyone who gets info from my blog about a sale, giveaway or whatever that they let them know who sent them. Like I have said a million times already I love to support great companies and great products. Thanks so much girls!! Hope your having a wonderful National Scrapbooking Day today!! ~Terri

Cricut Imagine Bundle Available at HSN Plus FREE SHIPPING Coupon Code...

I have been watching HSN.Com for a long time to see when the Cricut Imagine will be available again. They were out for a long time until RIGHT NOW. I am going to give you a special secret on how to save $21.22 in free shipping by using a special coupon, even if you are not a brand new customer!! 

First this is what you get with the Cricut Imagine Bundle at This bundle is $349.95 & if you decide that you want 5 Flex Payments this is available too... Don't forget you will get FREE Shipping!!

See details below:

Cricut Imagine Electronic Print and Cut Machine with Ink and 4 Cartridges Express your creativity with the crafting tool that lets you design, print and cut with one machine. Combining technologies from the world leaders in inkjet printing and paper crafting—HP and Provo Craft—this revolutionary system expands your capabilities like never before. Add detail and dimension to layered art using full-color textures and photo-quality patterns. Create impressive scrapbook layouts, cards, home or office decor, education materials, special-event signage ... virtually anything you can imagine.

This bundle includes ALL of this...

Cricut Imagine Machine
12" x 12" Cutting Mat
Blade Housing With Cutting Blade
Imagine More Art Cricut Imagine Cartridge
Imagine More Cards Cricut Cartridge
Yummy Art Cricut Imagine Cartridge
Kate's Kitchen Cricut Imagine Cartridge
Black Ink Cartridge
Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
Sheet of 12 x 12 Full Adhesive Printable Vinyl
USB Cable
Power Cord
Instructional DVD
User Manual
Quick Start Guide
Warranty Card
Registration Card
Manufactures 90 Day Warranty & 1 Year Limited Warranties

Cricut Imagine Electronic Print & Cut Machine Features:

Design, Print and Cut In One Step:

Works with paper up to 12 x 12
Makes Large Format Print & Cutting Possible
Makes Cuts From .25" to 11.5"
Uses Same Blades & Blade Housing As Other Cricut Products
Cuts 85 lb. Cardstock, Printable Vinyl, Photo Paper, Transparencies, Stickers & More
Adjustable Pressure For Different Weight Papers
Retractable Paper Tray

Easy-To-Use LCD Touchscreen Navigation:

No Computer Necessary
On Board-Color & Pattern Selector With 18 Pre-Defined Colors Built In
Use The Internal Color Wheel To Create Additional Colors
Store Up To 16 Custom Colors

Compatible With Other Cricut Products:

Fully Compatible With Over 150 Original Cricut Cartridges
Give Life To Your Other Images By Adding Color, Texture & Patterns To Your Die-Cuts
Compatible With Jukebox

Customizable Appearance:

Personalize Your Machine With Detachable Accents That Add Color & Texture


Imagine More Art, Imagine More Cards, Kate's Kitchen & Yummy Art Cartridges
Each Contains Layered Images, Coordinating Patterns, Themed Icons & Bonus Content
Customize The Look  & Feel Of Each Image With The Included Patterns & Color Palette

Cricut Imagine Ink Cartridges:

Specifically Designed HP Inkjet Cartridges Created To Maximize The Machines Potential
Includes One Black & One Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
Designed To Dry Quickly & Resist Smudges

12" x 12" Cutting Mat:

Gently Adheres To Cardstock, Vinyl & Other Materials To Ensure Smooth & Accurate Cuts
Perfect For Printing & Cutting Intricate Shapes

Adhesive Backed Printable Vinyl:

Add a personal touch to home decor, lap tops, cell phones, paper crafts and more
Use instead of paper


Measurements: Approx 25"L x 13" W x 13" H (machine)
Weight: Approximately 26.5 pounds
Languages: English, French, Spanish & German
Metrics: Metrics options included
Country of Orgin: China

Ok, now this is how to get a FREE SHIPPING COUPON even if you are not a brand new customer...
First send a text message to 47688 with the word "Scoop" as the message
Then you will receive a text message back saying that you have to REPLY "NEW". This confirms your subscription. Standard text messaging rates apply.
You will then receive a coupon sent via text message that you can use towards your brand new Cricut Imagine Machine!!

How SWEET is that? You will save a total of $21.22!!
That is alot of money to save.
Right now the Cricut Imagine Machine is $349.95 on and Flex Pay is available.

Here is the breakdown of the Flex Pay..

1 Payment of $349.95
2 Payments of $174.97
3 Payments of $116.65
4 Payments of $87.48
5 Payments of $69.99

For $39.95 you can add on a 3 year Electronics Repair Plan

I had to type every single word and every detail off of the website so I really apologize if I got something wrong or made a typo. Everything in this post is listed on the HSN website.
It is 9:14 am and I have not been to bed so I am really tired.

So there you go.. another GREAT deal for National Scrapbooking Day. Today just may be the day that I finally get my Cricut Imagine. For those who already have the Imagine I would LOVE to hear any comments, good or bad about your experience with this machine. I would hate to get one if there are still alot of issues and bugs that needs to be worked out.

I really hope that this helped those of you who have not decided which machine to get..either the Cricut Imagine or the new Cricut Expression 2. Either way they are both amazing machines and we all love them!! Talk to you real soon..~Terri

OMG.. WOW.. Free Your Story Bundle With Cricut Cartridge Purchase...

Well for some strange reason I am unable to copy and paste some information about this AMAZING Free Your Story Bundle Giveaway with the purchase of a Cricut Cartridge at so I am going to just post a short post about it. This is literally my 6th time trying to do

Basically if you go to the website you will find all of the information needed to receive your FREE Your Story Bundle. Just make sure that you add the Your Story Bundle in your cart then at the checkout type the word mothers before you checkout. If you do not add the Your Story Bundle in your shopping cart and if you do not use the coupon mothers you will not get your free Your Story Bundle for free.

If you happen to get this today could you please again tell them that Terri of Two Pink Peas sent you? I would really appreciate that so much. Once again, I do NOT receive anything in return. I really love to support products and businesses that I think are outstanding and is absolutely outstanding.

Let me know if you get in on this. I would love to hear how many of you got this great deal. This would make an AMAZING Mother's Day or Birthday gift for your mother or someone in your life that you really love and care about.
 More amazing deals to come today.... ~Terri

WOW.. DCWV Giveaways In Honor Of National Scrapbooking Day...

There are SO many giveaways here at that it is crazy. When you go and enter please, please let them know that Terri of Two Pink Peas sent you.

Good luck everybody.. I hope you all win some of these AMAZING prizes!!! I am going to enter right now!!

Coupon Codes For HSN...

Instead of having you all search for coupons to use on HSN I went ahead and did the work for you..
Here are some great coupons for you to take advantage of..

New Customer Coupons:

If you've never shopped at before, here's your chance to save on your first purchase.
  • Free S&H for new customers on first purchase single item within the same order with a max saving of $25.
    Use Coupon #C55551 at checkout.
    see details.
  • 15% off for new customer – first purchase single Item within same order with a max savings of $75.
    Use Coupon #C50842 at checkout.
    see details.
» Shop all now

New or Repeat Customer Coupons:If you're new to HSN or have shopped with us before, here's your chance to get in on extra savings in your favorite stores.


$5 off your crafts purchase of $25 or more. Use Coupon #C59929 at checkout. see details.
» Shop all crafts


$5 off your beauty purchase of $25 or more. Use Coupon #C50314 at checkout. see details.
» Shop all beauty


$10 off your home purchase of $100 or more. Use Coupon #C53200 at checkout. see details.
» Shop all home d├ęcor

Free S&H on jewelry purchase of $50 or more. Use Coupon #C51899 at checkout. see details.
» Shop all jewelry

Don't Have A Sewing Machine To Make Stitches On Your Handmade Cards..Check Out This Kit.. COOL!!!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day to all of my fellow crafters!! Through out  the day today I am going to be posting great, creative and amazing products that you can add to your crafting collection. I was all ready to make some new cards to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day and I might be able to still but since a potential buyer is coming to look at our house in the morning I had to put all of my things away again tonight. What a chore!! Hopefully I can drag it all out again and try to get some new cards posted for you all later in the day. That is my goal.. I will try my hardest to do that for you all. I really want to use my new Everyday Pop-Up Cards Cricut Cartridge.

Ok, This is a really COOL kit that I have not seen before but really wanted to show you all. You all know that I just bought a brand new sewing machine to make stitches on my cards..well now you don't really have to do that. Plus, if you really cannot afford to buy a sewing machine this could be your answer to add those special stitches to your cards, scrapbook pages and other craft items. This kit does essentially what a sewing machine does when it comes to making stitches on your cards.
Here are all of the details... Go to to order.

We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy™ Stitch Piercer Kit
Item: 132-538
HSN Price: $24.95
MSRP: $37.91
Shipping & Handling: $5.20
We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy Stitch Piercer KitAdd stitching to your projects without the aid of a sewing machine. It's so simple yet so amazing! The rotary tool creates perfectly aligned holes in a variety of patterns, which you stitch to create unique designs based on the pierced patterns. Perfect for embroidering onto paper crafts.

What You Get
  • Sew Easy rotary piercer tool with straight piercer head and needle
  • 3 additional piercing heads
  • 8" x 13" piercing mat
  • 1 card of yellow floss
  • 1 card of pink floss
  • 1 card of green floss
  • 1 card of blue floss
  • Instruction sheet
  • Tips and tricks insert 
We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy Stitch Piercer Kit Features 
  • No sewing machine required
  • 4 unique piercing heads make straight, lazy daisy, vine and smocking stitch patterns 
  • Thick piercing foam mat with measurement grid lets you create well-defined holes
  • 6-strand 100% cotton floss
  • 4 skeins of floss (26 yards total) on each card
  • Tool measures approx. 6"L
  • Made in China
I do also wanted to say that before you purchase something from HSN, go on google and search for HSN coupons. You may find a free shipping coupon or other money saving coupons. I do know for sure that if you purchase one crafting item you get 50% off the next crafting item purchased!! I hope you all like this kit. I would love to hear if any of you decide to get this kit. If you do please leave me a comment and then come back after you receive it and let me know how it works!!

Again, Happy National Scrapbooking Day to everyone!!! I will talk to you all through out the whole day tomorrow!! Thanks for stopping by!! ~Terri

P.S. Oh how can I forget?  I am going to draw a name for the custom stamp giveaway later on today and will make an announcement on who the lucky winner is.. I am SO excited to see who wins this great prize!! Thanks to you all for entering the giveaway!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

You Can Purchase The Cricut Expression 2 Right Now On...

So this is GREAT news to those of you who missed out on the Cricut Expression 2 during the launch on HSN. You can purchase it now and it will ship beginning on May 16th. 
To purchase this new amazing machine go to  and it will be available for a limited time only. The current price on the Cricut.Com website is $349.00 and it comes with these great items:

Each machine comes preloaded with 4 cartridges: Cricut American Alphabet, Just a Note, Cricut Decals, and Cricut Essentials

Other great features include:
Compatible with Cricut and Cricut Imagine Cartridges
Full-color LCD touch screen
Mat Preview
Material Setting
Cutting Area Light
Longer Power Cord
And MUCH more!

I thought I would pass this on to you since this is great news. I really thought that we would never be able to purchase the new CE2 anywhere besides there you go!!

I am off to bed since it is now 3:42 am.. this is crazy that I am still Goodnight everyone!! ~Terri

Everyday Pop-Up Cards Cricut Cartridge...

In the next few days I will be making a few new cards using my new Everyday Pop-Up Cards Cricut Cartridge. I am really excited to dig in and get started. If you have not got this cartridge yet I would HIGHLY recommend getting it. When I looked through the booklet I could NOT believe how many images, phrases and pop up's that this cartridge contained.
If you have not seen it here is a picture of some of the images on this cartridge...

Also, Cricut Facebook page shows some of the pop-up images so you can see what they look like. You can find that here.. If you are not a follower of the Cricut facebook page please become one and if you could PLEASE just let them know that Terri of Two Pink Peas sent you..that would be amazing. Once again I do not receive anything for you letting them know that I sent you. It's just so nice that they know that they are getting lots of support and referrals from fellow crafters who love their products.

Before I go I just wanted to say that when I first looked at this cartridge booklet it looked a bit tricky to me but I will be making video tutorials on how to use this cartridge in detail so you all will be able to use it and navigate through it much better. I am sure that it is not as hard as it may look or seem.
Oh and last thing.. this cartridge comes with 90 Cricut Reward Points.

Once again, thanks for visiting Two Pink Peas..
I will talk to you all very soon! ~Terri

Last Call To Enter Into The Custom Stamp Giveaway...

I just wanted to call a "Last Call" to enter in the Custom Stamp giveaway by Skip The Stamp Man.. and he sells primarily on Ebay. You can view and purchase his items on Ebay by going to . His store is called The Worms Pajamas. He also sells alot of teachers stamps so if you are a teacher and need special stamps or other items this would be a great place to look.

I wanted to again just say how far out of the way Skip went for me to make exactly what I wanted and needed. I wanted a special font and he did not have it. So Skip actually went and downloaded it just for me so he could make the stamp in the font that I wanted. How amazing is that?? My Two Pink Peas stamp is just so beautiful and looks just as good if not better then any stamp that you would get at a craft store. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised! I will be a life long customer of Skip's...this is a guarantee!! For a very long time I have been looking for stamp with my son Casey and my daughter Hallie's name on it but have never ever found one. They have Hailey or Hayley but never Hallie and never Casey. So I am going to get both of them one. My daughter's stamp will say her first and middle name..Hallie Bleu. Hallie is just starting to collect her own card and scrapbooking supplies and this would be such a great stamp for her to own. And just the name Casey for my son Casey.

If you all have a blog you can have Skip make a stamp with your blog name or whatever you want. I paid under $7.00 for it.. can you even believe that?? What an AMAZING deal!!

To enter in this giveaway just leave a comment right here and I will add these comments to my other comments.
I would really appreciate you becoming a follower of my blog but it is not necessary at all. 

I once again want to thank Skip "The Stamp Man" at The Worms Pajamas on Ebay for this great giveaway. If you purchase something from him please let him know that Terri at Two Pink Peas sent you. His prices are crazy good. You just cannot beat it and for less then $10.00 depending on the amount of letters that you get, you will have a beautifully made custom stamp that will last for years and years.

Thanks so much for entering and this giveaway will remain open for one or two more days and I will then draw the lucky winner. Good luck everybody!!! ~Terri

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Casey's Last Minute Glow In The Dark Trumpet Project...

As kids normally come to us parents last minute needing some project for school, this is exactly what happened to me last night at around 10:30 pm.

Casey is my 12 year old son and he is in band. He plays the trumpet. For his concert he needed just a simple, simple trumpet that will glow in the dark (under black lights) for his upcoming concert. It needed to be as plain as it could be. He just needed the shape of the trumpet.

So I pulled out my trusty old Cricut and made him this in under 20 minutes. It was very fast. I took plain old poster board and used my 12 x 24 Cricut mat. I used my Gypsy and looked for a trumpet and found it in the Paper Dolls Everyday Cartridge. At least I think it was the Everyday cartridge. My memory is terrible..even from just last

His trumpet was cut out at 24 inches. First I cut it out in the yellow then decided to cut it out again in the orange. The reason I put a picture of the orange poster board on the
12 x 24 cutting mat is because I wanted to show those who have never used over sized paper or poster board that you can do it.
Just put the poster board on the mat and turn the mat over and cut off the extra. It is easy peasy!!

Then I just layered the 2 trumpets together and used adhesive to put it on the blue poster board. The last picture is of Casey holding his simple poster.

Thank goodness for my Cricut and Gypsy!! I hate last minute projects but this was so easy that I cannot complain.

Thanks for visiting Two Pink Peas! Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hallie's Mask That Was Displayed At Our Maple Festival...

Every single year in our little town we have a festival called the Maple Festival. We are literally famous for our maple syrup and so we have the Maple Festival. Hallie is in 4th grade and made this mask this year. She just told me that out of her whole 4th grade class, Hallie's was the only mask to be displayed at the festival. That is pretty awesome if you ask me!! I am one very proud mama!

I asked her to tell me all about this mask and what it is supposed to mean. She said that it is for the Pacific North West and she does not remember what it was for..LOL.  So I said "the pacific north west what?" She again does not remember.. lol

She did say that it is supposed to look like a monkey. To be honest...I don't know what she is talking about..LOL.
Oh kids...they can be so funny, and that is what she is being right

Anyway, I just wanted to share her work with you. I think she did an incredible job!! Way to go Hallie Bleu!!
I love you sweetie! Love, Mommy

Bella Got A Hair Cut...Look How Cute She Is...

So since winter is over and Bella has been sheading like crazy my husband Den gave her a bubble (that's what we call a bath) and a hair cut last night. She was SO fluffy and she looked like a completely different puppy.
Right now she looks so tiny, just like a little brand new puppy. You should see how she runs around and brushes herself against the carpet. She looks SO is so cute to watch. Just to remind you Bella is a Yorkie-Poo.

Anyhow, Bella loves wearing her clothes, she always has since I brought her home at 8 weeks old only weighing in at 2 pounds. The shirt that she is wearing right now is about 2 sizes too big so I need to go out and get her a new outfit. Plus, she loves wearing little bows in her hair but Den cut off the hair off of the top of her she can't wear a bow for awhile. Before I took these pictures, which was just a few minutes ago, I pulled out a bow and she went literally NUTS. She wanted it in her hair. I don't know how many of you have dogs, cats or other animals but my baby Bella is everything to me. She is not just a dog, she is my little girl. I have never felt this way about any animal before I got her. I'm sure that those of you who have animals can understand how I feel.

Hallie just came to me and brought me a piece of artwork that she made at school that got displayed at our Maple Festival. I will explain more when I post it in just a few minutes. ~Terri

Monday, May 2, 2011

WOW...Super Fast Shipping..Got My Action Wobble Springs Today...

Amazing, just absolutely amazing! Today my Action Wobble Springs arrived and I could NOT believe how fast they shipped and arrived to me. I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Action Wobble for the great customer service and for the FREE shipping. I will be using these this week. My husbands birthday is the 22nd of this month and I will be making a cute card for him.

To purchase these Action Wobble Springs please go to and please, please let them know that Two Pink Peas sent you. I do not get anything in return if you purchase anything from them but I really love to support companies that offer superb products and Action Wobble Springs is just that... an amazing product!!!

Today I drug out all of my card making supplies so I can get busy again. I really do not like being this disorganized but it is only for a short time and will be worth it in the end.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to make a card using my new Action Wobble Springs and post a picture and instructions on how to make it. If you have never tried these springs I would highly recommend trying them. They really do take your cards to the next level. Plus they make your cards so super cute!!
Have a wonderful night and I will talk to you all tomorrow. ~Terri

Win Something Before National Scrapbooking Day Here...

We Scrap is giving $20.00 of product away to one lucky winner. Go to
to find out how to enter. Good Luck. Please tell them that Two Pink Peas sent you!
Thanks! ~Terri

WOW.. Great Giveaways Found Today...

This giveaway is for a great big huge Bazzill giveaway. Go to for a chance to win. Good luck everyone. If you enter please let them know that Two Pink Peas sent you. ~Terri

More Blog Candy...

If you do not own a sewing machine then here is a great blog candy for you to enter. This is a really great prize.

Since you all know that my card making supplies are packed away, I am trying to at least put some good content on here to help you in some way or another. Just go to for your chance to win this great sewing machine. You can't win if you don't enter. Please let them know that Two Pink Peas sent you. Good luck and let me know if you win. ~Terri

My Peachy Keen Stamp Collection...

Since I just got my brand new Peachy Keen Stamps order a few days ago, I thought I would make a post of the stamps that I have in my collection.  Now, I only have 5 sets of them but I am getting there. I love each and every PKS sets that I have bought. They are absolutely adorable, beautiful and top of the line as far as the quality of these stamps. So, I am going to list the name, put a picture of the stamps and how much they cost so you will know.  If you do not have these and wish to order them just go to their website and type in the PK# in the search box. These stamps are for sure ones that you "need" in your collection. You can do SO many different things with them. If you google Peachy Keen Stamps and click on Images you will see how absolutely creative card makers and crafters are when they are using these stamp sets. They are worth every single penny and then some. Peachy Keen Stamps will last you forever if you take proper care of them.

Here we go, I am going to start with my very last order & I am  absolutely in LOVE with these adorable little faces:

PK-670 Rag Doll and Teddy Bear Face Assortment $25.00
and there are 31 stamps in this set.

PK-692 Monster Mash Face Assortment $25.00
and there are 31 pieces in this set.

PK-500 Snow Cutie Face Assortment $25.00
and there are also 31 stamps in this set as well.

PK-490 Everyday Character Face Assortment $25.00
again there are 31 stamps in this set too.

PK-754 Critter Faces Set A Medium $23.95
and there are 21 stamps in this set.

If you have never purchased any Peachy Keen Stamps before I would highly recommend trying even one set.
If there are any sets that I own that you are interested in just go to and type in the PK-# of the set that you like and it will take you straight to the page.
They also have different sizes of these stamps available.
Personally, I like to get the assortment pack that way I will always have the size that I need when doing a project.
Before you know it you will be hooked on Peachy Keen Stamps too. Out of all of the stamps that I own, and I own a ton,
 my Peachy Keen Stamps are by far my absolutely favorite.
To purchase Peachy Keen Stamps go to
Just to let you know, I do NOT get anything in return by referring you to Peachy Keen but I just love them so much and I love to spread the word on any products that I really adore and love. If you do happen to purchase anything from Peachy Keen Stamps could you please just let them know that Terri of Two Pink Peas sent you? That would be really nice of you. I will not get anything in return, not one single cent, not one single free stamp set!
 I just want them to know how much I love their products.
Plus, I LOVE to support them!

Peachy Keen Stamps has SO many different styles of stamps, dies, storage solutions, gel pens, acrylic blocks, you name it they might have it. Plus their design team is amazing. Their customer service is the BEST too. I am always amazed at how fast they are shipped to my house after I place an order. Trust me when I say that you will LOVE any one of their products.
If you are brand new, give them a try.
Alot of times they will have automatic discounts if you purchase a certain amount, so no coupon is needed.
 How nice is that?

So there you go, so far this is my PKS collection and I am adding all the time. My plan is to own every single stamp set they sell. That is how much I love these

Have a great night everyone!! ~Terri

Update.. These are the 2 sets that I won from blog candy.

Pk-291 Sampler Package of Faces

Pk-288 Skunk Cheer Up Set

PK-450 Wide Eyed Kids Face

I will be adding another set that I just won via blog candy as soon as I pick out which set I want. Thanks for stopping by Two Pink Peas!