Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's A Beautiful Baby Girl....

It's A Beautiful Baby Girl!!!
It has been a while since I have posted but I had to share & announce some very exciting
and wonderful news to all of you!
Announcing the birth of my
1st daughter's BEAUTIFUL baby girl!
This is my 1st grandbaby and I am so excited & over the moon for my daughter, her wonderful husband
and our whole family.
Little Ms. McKenzie was born on Oct. 30th at 10:48 pm  weighing in at 8 lbs 4 oz 21 1/12 inches.
McKenzie is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and Gorgeous just like her mama. Mama and baby are doing amazing and as soon as I get permission from my beautiful daughter I will post photo's of our precious, adorable and beautifully sweet McKenzie.
We are all overjoyed and so excited for the arrival of our very special beautiful special little princess!
Congratulations Lindsay & Patrick.
I love you all more then life itself!!
If Lindsay gives me the ok I will post a few pictures of McKenzie.
You will ALL just die because she is just
amazingly GORGEOUS!
I am extremely PROUD of Lindsay for delivering her 1st beautiful baby girl. Wait till you see her!! OMG!
The only thing I wish is that my dad who passed away on Jan. 5th 1994 was still here to meet his great grandbaby girl McKenzie. Below is a photo of my dad and my 1st baby Lindsay. You can tell how much he loved Lindsay by his expression in his sweet face. He was one amazing grandpa to Lindsay and I KNOW he would have been one amazing great grandpa to McKenzie!
Dad...if you are aware of what is going on and you know that you have a brand new beautiful grandbaby girl...We LOVE and MISS you more then you will ever know. We will always tell McKenzie about you and how amazing you were and how much you love her. Not one day goes by that we don't think about you. We hope you are so proud of your
granddaughter Lindsay and now
your new grandbaby McKenzie. I know you are proud so I really didn't need to say that!
On a different note, I hope that those of you who were in the path of Frankenstorm Sandy are all ok and made it through unharmed and safe. We were in the path and it was scary but thank goodness we had no damage what so ever. We did have some very strong winds and very heavy rain. Trees were knocked down all over, streets were closed but we are all ok. Thank God for that!
Some how we got very lucky. Many prayers going out to all the families who were affected in any way.
We pray for your safety and your loved ones.
One more update...a few weeks ago we have started building our brand new house and we were so worried that the storm would damage our house and the progress. We were very worried that we would have to start all over.
We spoke to our builder and thank goodness it looks like everything they have done so far is ok and nothing was damaged. I don't know how we got so lucky but we did.
We have so many blessing to count right now and I am so relieved that my 1st born daughter and her 1st born daughter are wonderful, healthy and doing great. That is the most important thing to me right now. I have been such a mess worrying about my daughter, her 1st baby! Even though we were worried about our house that we are building, that can be replaced and my daughter and grandbaby girl cannot. Someone was certainly looking out for all of us.
As soon as I can give you more updates on Lindsay and McKenzie I will do that asap!!
Big Cricut Hugs To You All!!