Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cricut Car Decals Cartridge Linking Trouble & What To Do...

Hi guys!! I have noticed that alot of people are coming to my blog by searching for Cricut Car Decal linking issues on I had the very same issue with my Car Decal cartridge and this is what I did to resolve it. I called Provo Craft and explained the issue that my cartridge would not link to my gypsy and they sent me a brand new cartridge in the mail. They said that there have been many problems with this cartridge and have had many many people calling to complain about it.

Now, I have not linked this new cartridge to my Gypsy yet
so I don't even know if this new cartridge will link ok
but  I thought I would tell those of you who are having
linking issues to go ahead and call
Provo Craft at 877-7-CRICUT or 801-932-1144.

I hope this helps those who have the linking issues. If you have any other issues and need some help please let me know and I will see what I can do to help you. Just leave me a comment and I will get right back to you.

Well, I am off to try to get some sleep. We just got done unloading a u-haul truck full of our household items. We are getting new carpet installed in our house in a few days and then at the end of this week our house will be listed on the market. We are so excited but so tired at the same time. I have not felt this sore in a very long time. All I keep thinking about is my beautiful Two Pink Peas Craft Room and how beautiful it is going to be. Once we are all moved in our new house I will post LOTS of pictures of my new craft room. 

Because we are getting our house ready to put our house on the market all of my card making supplies including my Cricut and my Cricut cartridges are all packed up. I will still have access to them so I will be able to make cards. I did not realize how much stuff I had until I had to pack it all up. I have too much stuff What a problem to have right?? lol

Once everything settles down I will be back making cards more often. Until then I will talk to you all very very soon. Sometime tomorrow I will probably post some pictures of my packed up card making supplies. You know, just for K...Goodnight! ~Terri