Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Craft Room Sensory Overload...& Update....

Boy talk about sensory overload today...After unpacking more boxes of craft supplies my head was literally spinning.
But what a great problem to have and I am definitely NOT complaining. I know and realize how very blessed I am to be able to buy so many amazing craft supplies. I wanted to apologize for this video...I took it on my cell phone and I was turning it up and sideways so some of the video is sideways because of that. But I wanted to show you all what it looks like in a video versus plain old photographs. I hope you all don't get dizzy watching this Oopsie! :)
 I have been slowly but surely been unpacking my massive amounts of craft supplies in my new craft room. Four days a week I babysit my beautiful little granddaughter and so I have not had much time to really get in my room and unpack/organize my stuff. I will have to post some photos of her soon...she is absolutely beautiful and she has the funniest most beautiful little personality already. We love her so very much and I am so blessed that I get to spend so much time with her. We have such a special bond already and she just melts my heart every time she looks at me with her gorgeous gigantic smile. Ahh.. I could talk about her for hours and hours. Such a sweet little girl. We are so blessed to have Kenzie in our family.
Ok... so back to my craft Once I get talking about Kenzie I can ramble on and on about how amazing she let me stop now before I forget what I wanted to post for you all tonight. Before we sold our last house and moved I did not feel comfortable leaving all of my cricut cartridges in storage. As you all know these cartridges and craft supplies in general are really expensive and so to be safe I emptied every cartridge taking out each booklet, overlay and cartridge. I put all of my cartridges in big gallon baggies and kept them at my in laws (they were a God send allowing us to store so many of my craft supplies in their home for close to 9 months and I appreciate them being so kind. I don't know what I would have done without a huge Thank You to my in laws for being so sweet about it) because keeping them stored in a storage unit exposed to all the extreme elements really worried me. There was no way I wanted to take a chance and have any of them ruined. My cricut booklets and cartridge boxes were stored in our storage unit while the overlays and cartridges themselves were kept inside the house. As you see I have alot of cartridges and today I wanted to get the cartridges, overlays and booklets back in their proper cases. Thank goodness for my sweet little girl Hallie and my niece Jillian as they really helped me ALOT. Having their help really shaved alot of time and for that I am so grateful. So here is a few photos of what our mess looked like before.

All of my cartridges after being taken out of the gallon baggies...and if you have not watched my video above you will see just how many Cricut Cartridges I have.

The overlays I stored in a big boot shoe box and these were kept inside. We have extreme weather here and I was not going to take any chances of them being ruined.

After finishing putting my cartridges back together I wanted to tackle my stamps. This is not all that I own.. this was just the ones I had packed in a big box. It has been about 9 or 10 months since I have seen all of my supplies and so it kinda felt like Christmas to me today.

This is the other half of what was in the box. When you go as long as I did not being able to see and use all your craft supplies you literally forget what you have. At least that is how it was for me. But I will admit that my memory is That is why I said it was sensory overload for me For months now I have been brain storming trying to figure out how I was going to organize all my stamps so that I could easily find what I need in a speedy manner. It bugs me so much when I need a stamp or punch and I cannot find it and then I spend a ton of time just searching for it. Spending so much time searching for certain craft supplies takes away from being able to create and plus I don't like it when I cannot find what I need quickly.
After thinking and thinking about how in the world I could organize these wood mounted stamps so that I could easily find what I need and grab it and go I thought why not store my stamps like they do in some craft stores??!! So that is  exactly what I am gonna do. This is a photo I found on Pinterest (picture is below...I pinned it under Two Pink Peas Craft Room Ideas this link takes you to my Pinterest  page which is amazing as I am always pinning so many creative and amazing cards and crafts so please feel free to follow me) that shows you what I am talking about. Except I am gonna have longer slats of wood and probably more rows since I have so many wood mounted I plan to continue to purchase more and more as I am addicted to them! As far as my acrylic stamps...and I have ALOT...I am not 100% sure yet on how I am going to organize them. One of my blog readers suggested storing them in empty clear cd cases and I might just do that.
For those who have a ton of stamps how do you store yours and what is the best way you have organized them so that they are easy to find when you need them? Any suggestions or comments are always greatly appreciated!

Storing wooden stamps this way is probably my favorite storage idea that I have found so far. Finding an image is so easy when they are displayed this way. For those who do not know I am having a giveaway for the one who gives me the most creative or smart idea on how to store craft supplies. Just leave me a comment below letting me know your best idea and once I select the idea that will work the best for me I will get a goodie bag together for the winner as a thank you.
Thank you for stopping by Two Pink Peas today and stay tuned as I will be adding more updates and videos and hopefully my finished, very beautiful and very organized new craft room.
As Always...Big Cricut Hugs....