Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Called Provo Craft Today & Asked Some Questions About The New CE2 & Imagine...

So this morning I wanted to call Provo Craft and ask them a few questions about the new CE2 versus the Imagine.

If you already have some of the Imagine cartridges I just wanted to let you know that some of the cartridges will NOT work in the new CE2. For instance, since the new E2 cannot print the Imagine paper cartridges will not work in the new E2. One of the questions that I had was will the Imagine be able to download some special cartridges like we can do with the Gypsy. I was told that they were working on that and in the future we might be able to do that. You already know that the new E2 comes preloaded with 4 cartridges. Those will never be available to us if we do not purchase this new machine. I asked her what machine she likes better and she told me she loved the Imagine hands down. She like the fact that you can print and cut with it and you cannot do that with the new E2. Also, for those who do not have the Imagine you can also just cut an image out and not print. So if you have patterned paper that you like you can use that to cut out any image on the Imagine. You all probably already know this but I wanted to post this for those who do not have either machine. It is hard because I like both machines so I am trying to see what machine does the most. I really like the fact that the Imagine can print and cut whereas the new CE2 only cuts. So if you have the new Imagine cartridges you cannot print on this new machine. It seems like the new CE2 is just a very very updated expression and that's it. You never know too, they may be working on another machine to launch next year. That seems to be a trend with Provo Craft.

Probably what I am going to do is just wait and see. Since we are moving and building our new house I am not going to be able to use it like I usually would so I am going to pass. Although it is very very tempting to get it right now. Especially since it will not be available anywhere else and it is a limited edition. Plus add on those ADORABLE cartridges that we will not be able to get any other way.
Well, I hope that this information is helpful to those who are still trying to make up your mind on which machine to purchase. Have a great day everyone and I will talk to you later!! ~Terri

Cricut Expression 2 Features Versus The Cricut Imagine...

While I am watching the presentation on HSN I am learning about all of the features. So I wanted to share those with you. I am not sure if all of you were aware that the CE2 does not print like the Imagine does. Before I make my decision if I am going to buy it today I would like to do some quick research. Even if it is after the HSN Today's Special and I have to pay more. It is just that I want to purchase the right machine for me.

For those of you who have the Imagine already I would love to hear any comments on how you like the features, how it prints, When you print an image does it look like a "fake" computer print out and the quality of the machine itself. Oh and I know there were alot of bugs when you first got it...were you able to work those out??

As far at the CE2, I really like the light by the blade housing so you can see when it's cutting. I like the touch screen and I really like how you can enlarge the image that you need to see better. I think if you had the choice to print with ink like the Imagine then it would be a slam dunk and I would get it right now. I also have an HSN credit card that makes life a bit easier.

Another feature is that this machine also does not use the keypad overlay. They will still sell the overlays with every cartridge for those who do not have the CE2 so you don't have to worry about that. The lcd is also in color which I really like. Oh, and you can see the mat on the touch screen so you will know where each image is going to be on your page. There will also be 4 new upgrades so when you get your machine at home you will need to upgrade it to get those upgrades. Another feature is the Rotate feature. This is a brand new feature. Then you can also change your image to cut in landscape, which I think is amazing!! You can also change the setting so if you only have a 6 x 6 piece of paper, the machine will not cut off of that size. I mean, it seems like they have thought of everything. I may just give in and get one Ooh.. you know the green plastic parts that are on each end of the CE2? In the future you will be able to change those out and get different colors and patterns. HSN said that this machine will NEVER be available in any store, it is only available on HSN. Plus it is a limited edition too. So if you are thinking you might wait to buy it at Joanns or Michaels, you will not be able to get it anywhere else but HSN.

Through out today I will be updating more information as I learn it. I know I misssed a bunch of features but I was taking a bubble bath and missed it so I recorded it on my dvr. Right now I am watching it back and listing some of the key features for you all.

 I would love to hear any comments on the imagine for those of you who have it. Talk to you all later today!! Oh, and I will let you know if I end up getting one today. The price is much much better then I ever thought. Especially with the 4 preloaded cartridges. Oh what to do, what to do.. lol. ~Terri