Friday, April 29, 2011

HSN & Cricut Expression 2...

Well shoot, I was going to post some good news for those who missed out on the HSN Today's Special Cricut Expression 2. I was going to let you all know that is was back in stock but I just went to double check and it is sold out again.  This new machine is HOT, HOT, HOT right now. But I would say that if you are trying and trying to get one just to keep checking HSN on a regular basis. Alot of times people order them and they then cancel the order soon after and more becomes available. That has happened to me many times in the past when I ordered things that I wanted. I will keep you updated as I keep checking on the status of the new machines.

While you are here and if you have not entered in my new giveaway, please do. This is a great prize for a custom made stamp. You can find the post on the front page of my blog. You can see the Two Pink Peas stamp that I had made for me. It is just beautiful and I would love for you to win one.

I am off to get 2 hours of sleep before my kids wake up for school this morning. Have a wonderful day!! ~Terri