Saturday, May 7, 2011

OMG.. WOW.. Free Your Story Bundle With Cricut Cartridge Purchase...

Well for some strange reason I am unable to copy and paste some information about this AMAZING Free Your Story Bundle Giveaway with the purchase of a Cricut Cartridge at so I am going to just post a short post about it. This is literally my 6th time trying to do

Basically if you go to the website you will find all of the information needed to receive your FREE Your Story Bundle. Just make sure that you add the Your Story Bundle in your cart then at the checkout type the word mothers before you checkout. If you do not add the Your Story Bundle in your shopping cart and if you do not use the coupon mothers you will not get your free Your Story Bundle for free.

If you happen to get this today could you please again tell them that Terri of Two Pink Peas sent you? I would really appreciate that so much. Once again, I do NOT receive anything in return. I really love to support products and businesses that I think are outstanding and is absolutely outstanding.

Let me know if you get in on this. I would love to hear how many of you got this great deal. This would make an AMAZING Mother's Day or Birthday gift for your mother or someone in your life that you really love and care about.
 More amazing deals to come today.... ~Terri

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