Monday, May 2, 2011

My Peachy Keen Stamp Collection...

Since I just got my brand new Peachy Keen Stamps order a few days ago, I thought I would make a post of the stamps that I have in my collection.  Now, I only have 5 sets of them but I am getting there. I love each and every PKS sets that I have bought. They are absolutely adorable, beautiful and top of the line as far as the quality of these stamps. So, I am going to list the name, put a picture of the stamps and how much they cost so you will know.  If you do not have these and wish to order them just go to their website and type in the PK# in the search box. These stamps are for sure ones that you "need" in your collection. You can do SO many different things with them. If you google Peachy Keen Stamps and click on Images you will see how absolutely creative card makers and crafters are when they are using these stamp sets. They are worth every single penny and then some. Peachy Keen Stamps will last you forever if you take proper care of them.

Here we go, I am going to start with my very last order & I am  absolutely in LOVE with these adorable little faces:

PK-670 Rag Doll and Teddy Bear Face Assortment $25.00
and there are 31 stamps in this set.

PK-692 Monster Mash Face Assortment $25.00
and there are 31 pieces in this set.

PK-500 Snow Cutie Face Assortment $25.00
and there are also 31 stamps in this set as well.

PK-490 Everyday Character Face Assortment $25.00
again there are 31 stamps in this set too.

PK-754 Critter Faces Set A Medium $23.95
and there are 21 stamps in this set.

If you have never purchased any Peachy Keen Stamps before I would highly recommend trying even one set.
If there are any sets that I own that you are interested in just go to and type in the PK-# of the set that you like and it will take you straight to the page.
They also have different sizes of these stamps available.
Personally, I like to get the assortment pack that way I will always have the size that I need when doing a project.
Before you know it you will be hooked on Peachy Keen Stamps too. Out of all of the stamps that I own, and I own a ton,
 my Peachy Keen Stamps are by far my absolutely favorite.
To purchase Peachy Keen Stamps go to
Just to let you know, I do NOT get anything in return by referring you to Peachy Keen but I just love them so much and I love to spread the word on any products that I really adore and love. If you do happen to purchase anything from Peachy Keen Stamps could you please just let them know that Terri of Two Pink Peas sent you? That would be really nice of you. I will not get anything in return, not one single cent, not one single free stamp set!
 I just want them to know how much I love their products.
Plus, I LOVE to support them!

Peachy Keen Stamps has SO many different styles of stamps, dies, storage solutions, gel pens, acrylic blocks, you name it they might have it. Plus their design team is amazing. Their customer service is the BEST too. I am always amazed at how fast they are shipped to my house after I place an order. Trust me when I say that you will LOVE any one of their products.
If you are brand new, give them a try.
Alot of times they will have automatic discounts if you purchase a certain amount, so no coupon is needed.
 How nice is that?

So there you go, so far this is my PKS collection and I am adding all the time. My plan is to own every single stamp set they sell. That is how much I love these

Have a great night everyone!! ~Terri

Update.. These are the 2 sets that I won from blog candy.

Pk-291 Sampler Package of Faces

Pk-288 Skunk Cheer Up Set

PK-450 Wide Eyed Kids Face

I will be adding another set that I just won via blog candy as soon as I pick out which set I want. Thanks for stopping by Two Pink Peas!


Love That Bug said...

Congrats on your stamps! I love them all. I only have two sets from them, but I agree with you, they are great stamps!

Josie0602 said...

I totally agree...another BIG fan here! I have a few sets too but there are so many more that I want! I have the Snow Cuties and Everyday Assortment too and my most recent purchase was the Wide Eyed Kids. I really have to get Happy Lashes. They have been on my wish list for quite some time but then they come out with something else new and cute and I dont get them ordered!