Friday, April 15, 2011

Just For You Girly Card...

Today has been a pretty busy day since we are getting ready to put our house on the market. We have only a few days left before it is listed. I have told you all that we are selling our house and because of that I have not been able to make cards like I have been wanting to. So I just made this one tonight real fast. Tomorrow I will put all of the details and how to make it because I have to get to bed. We are having new carpet installed and they are coming early tomorrow morning to measure so I have to get some sleep. But I wanted to at least put the pictures up so you can see it.

Basically, I used the Car Decal cartridge for the little girl and the Just Because cartridge for the card itself. The paper is new paper that I bought a few weeks ago and I will list all of the details tomorrow. So I am off to bed and I will talk to ya all tomorrow sometime.

Thanks for stopping by Two Pink Peas! Have a great night! ~Terri

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