Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If You Missed Out On The Cricut Expression 2...

If you were just wondering..
No, I have not gone to bed I'm so tired that I am actually
But something just occurred to me. If you missed out on the Cricut Expression 2 on Hsn then this is what you can do. Hsn has another website and sometimes several days after an item has aired it may become the Today's Special again. Now, I cannot guarantee this but I would just be on the look out just in case. If I see it show up as a Today's Special on Hsn 2 then I promise that I will let you all know asap.

I was not surprised that it sold out as fast as it did. It is a great little (well, little is the wrong word but you know what I updated machine.

Just wanted to put that out there. Ok, now I am off to bed for real. I have to get up in less then 1 hour to get Casey and Hallie off to school. Good night/Good ~Terri

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