Wednesday, April 27, 2011

American Idol.. Did You Vote Tonight???

Are you all American Idol fans?? I used to watch it all the time but then stopped watching it. This season I have watched and voted on each show and I am just blown away by all of the talent. My favorite is Lauren Alaina!! Each week I sit and text over 200 votes for Lauren... I know..that's a bit extreme.

I want her to win so bad. Lauren is just so sweet and very talented. No matter who wins they will all end up with a record deal so it's a win win! James Durban is amazing too..Jacob Lusk is also a favorite of mine too. I really really like Hailey though. Her voice is really so amazing! Out of all of them it is so hard to pick because they are all so good and talented!

Who is your favorite? Do you watch it every week and do you vote for your favorite singer?? Since it just ended I thought I would just post a quickie post about it. Talk to you all again soon! ~Terri

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Ladybug said...

Terri, my fav was Haley. LOVED her crackly voice. I also loved Lauren and when Haley was voted off, I was pitching for Lauren. I knew that Scottie would get a record deal for sure (loved his deep voice!) but becuz Lauren is so shy, I thought it would be better for her to get the Idol deal. But, I guess the gals just went ga-ga over Hottie Scottie. :-)