Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thank You For All The Happy Birthday Wishes.....

I wanted to Thank You for ALL of your sweet Happy Birthday wishes today!! You are all so amazing and so super sweet. Today my Two Pink Peas facebook page was filled with nothing but Happy Birthday's and it was SO SO SO sweet!! Thank you so much for thinking of me and taking the time to wish me a Happy Birthday!!! I appreciate each and every one of you and I wish I could give each of you a big ole' hug!! Today I had to get my drivers license renewed and boy was that (kidding!! doing that is never Then I had some errands to run so I really did not do anything special. Usually we go out to dinner but since our kids have school and I was busy running around getting things done we did not go out to eat this time. I am sure you are all wondering what my husband got me for my birthday. Well, this is what he is giving me...This is something he has never done before and I was shocked when he told me what he wanted to do. Late last night he came to me and told me that he is setting up a special bank account for my
Two Pink Peas Craft Room and when our new house is built  I will have between $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 to do whatever I want. I can use part of it to decorate my room and use the other part to purchase more craft supplies (like I really need but how SWEET is that? So to date this is the best birthday gift I have ever received from him. I have been doing some research on the internet and looking at other craft rooms and I found ALOT of amazing ideas on how I want my Two Pink Peas Craft Room to look. So when we move in to our new house I will be posting LOTS of pictures on the progress of my TPP Craft Room. I can't wait to get in there and get started and wish that I could work in it every single day starting right now, but I will have to wait just a bit longer. But I wanted Thank you each and every one of you who wished me a Happy Birthday today!! Probably one of my favorite parts of today was stopping and feeding the stray kittens before I came home. When I pulled into the parking lot where they live they were ALL out of the drain and omg...they are growing SO much. They are absolutely adorable. I just wish I could find them homes, I am still working on it and my goal is to get them homes before winter comes. They cannot survive being outside where we live because we are in the snow belt. I refuse to take them to a kill shelter.. it has to be a NO kill shelter and I will find one, I just wish I could get them out of the drains right now. It really tears my heart to see them living in there. Then when I came home Casey made me this beautiful handmade card wishing me a Happy Birthday and Hallie had all of these little gifts for me. They are so sweet and very thoughtful!! :o)
Then of course walking in my door and getting tons of kisses and lots of love from Bella.. that is always the BEST..
It is so amazing to me how much Bella loves me.. She is the best gift and she sure loves her mama!!! 

Before I go, I want to also thank you ALL for entering my birthday blog candy giveaway. It is going to take me a few days to get the results and verify everything and as soon as I figure out who won I will announce the winner!! If I could I would give one of these kits to each and every one of you, that is the hardest part of doing giveaways! At least for me, I hate to let other's down and I LOVE to give so this is really difficult for me. I am currently working with a couple new sponsors so be on the look out for those announcements!!
Over all it was a pretty good day and that is all that matters to me!!

Big Cricut Hugs!!!

P.S. Big Lots has the Cricut Cake on sale for $140.00!!
What a GREAT deal so if you have been looking or wanting a Cricut Cake call your closest Big Lots and see if they have them there. What a great deal!!! I almost got one but I don't really bake cakes that much so I don't think I would use it that often. Good Luck if you are looking for one..
I really hope you can get one!! Hugs to you all!!


Pendra said...

Happy Birthday Terri, hope you got my card! Wow did you ever get a gift from your husband... what a beautiful, sweet man! Give him a kiss from me, for taking such good care of you! Your family sounds amazing! I have been thinking of you today and wondering what you were doing... nothing special, just all the wonderful little things families do for each other! Another year older, but still the same as yesterday... no biggie right?!
Hugs my friend,

Susan said...

OMG Terri! Happy Birthday dear! Gosh I haven't been on blogger much this past week and look, I missed your special day! Okay, here's big birthday hugs...{{{hugs}}! I'll be catching up soon, I promise! I hope you had a fantastic day!


Lynn (delphinoid) said...

Wow, what a lovely gift from your hubby, you must be so excited about that gift. :) I know you say you didn't no anything special, but I'm sure you had a lovely day spending some time with your family (after your busy day).

Sending you a few more birthday wishes and hugs.

Happy crafting!!! :) X X

turquesadot said...

Hey TerriHappy Belated Birthday!!!!!long time no see...I hope you are doing great and that your new house and projects are going along great...I got back from my trip and started to work right away so I have been way to busy to keep in touch, but I miss all of you...I hope that once everything is a bit settled I will have more time to keep blogging and making my videos again....I t sure looks like it will be one busy school year so I will have to make the effort to keep it all going.

Anyway big hugs and sorry I missed your B-Day,


Docerela said...

Happy Birthday. New follower

ScrapMyWay said...

Hi Terri, Happy Birthday loved your blog and don't have any doubts your Craft Room present will come out awesome. Just thought you might like to take a look at what I did in never know what you might find that you like. I love mine and are a little super organized with stuff.

Also, if you want to really flip out, check out this site that I found. She's from Texas and she has a video & pics of her massive craft room. Mine pales in comparison!! He site

motherloves3 said...

Terri, So glad you had a good birthday and what a wonderful present.
motherloves3 @ hotmail dot com