Friday, August 26, 2011

A Blog Hop You Don't Want To Miss & Exciting News For Pendra...

I got an email from Jennifer over at Scrapping Under The Influence emailed me and asked me to let all of my amazing followers know that she is part of a really great blog hop. It starts with Simply My Crafts and they are having LOTS of blog candy, including some Tim Holtz products and also a few Cricut Cartridges. So hop on over to Simply My Crafts and enjoy the blog hop. If you could  let them know that Two Pink Peas sent you I would really appreciate that!! Also, if you happen to win some amazing blog candy I would LOVE to know, and I will be so happy to announce it on my blog.

Many Cricut Hugs...

P.S. I decided tonight that I am going to sponsor Pendra's 1st Giveaway!! She will announce it when she is ready to post it but how FUN for her. Pendra has been my number 1 supporter and I just ADORE her to pieces so I am really happy and excited to do this for her. Pendra really deserves this and I hope you all hop on over to her blog, follow her and enter in her 1st giveaway!! It will be product similar to my current giveaway so if you don't win this time you will have another chance to exciting is that?? Have fun at the blog hop and be sure to let me know if you win anything.. I will post it with PRIDE on Two Pink Peas!! Hugs to you ALL!!

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Pendra said...

Hi Terri, I just got home late tonight from my Sister's house and decided to check my emails and what's going on at your place... boy I had a couple of shockers! 1st, I guess I signed up for a Blog Hop... which I don't remember doing and because I have never done one before I just don't believe I did that (they say the mind is the first thing to go) so you can see my pitiful excuse at the 50th Birthday Luau Hop at:
And my 2nd shocker was your site with your very generous offer to help sponsor my very 1st Giveaway... you are just to good to be earthbound, you are like a guardian angel or something!! I would love to do a giveaway but I cannot let you sponsor all the prizes... I have won so much, it really is my turn to give something back. But maybe we can figure something out to do on both our sites to help out another needy scrapper or organization that could use some goodies from us both... let's put on our thinking caps and come up with something (our two minds together might come out to be one really good mind, hehehehehe)!!! I won two more really great giveaways, one from Gabrielle Pollacco from Such a Pretty Mess and another great one from Scrap That! Boy if only I could be this lucky playing the Lottery! FAT CHANCE! Anyway, gotta try and get some sleep, they are jack hammering my patio and sidewalks in the morning and they started at 7:00 a.m. last week!$#^%&*#$@^$!!! If you get my meaning!! Hope this finds you well... and are you still having storms? Take Care! Talk to you later!
Hugs xxoo