Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pay It Forward Friday's....

Hi girls!! I know this is coming to you late but I have been busy worrying about my 2 friends, one who has cancer and my other friend who just lost a dear friend of hers. Thank you for your continued prayers, well wishes and thoughts!!

I am and have always been a giver. I LOVE to help those who really need it. I especially hate to see things thrown away when they can go to others who really need them. Like women who are in domestic shelters, or the homeless living on the streets. I told you about digging in the trash and donating those items to those who needed them in a previous post. So I got to thinking about me and how I try to always pay it forward any chance I can and thought well, why don't we all try to pay it forward?

When you pay it forward you can really help change the world little by little. So every Friday I am going to have a Two Pink Peas Pay It Forward Friday's. I would LOVE to see all of you pay it forward somehow!! It can be something so small but to the person who receives it will be very large and will mean a great deal to them. So even though it is technically Saturday think about what you can do to pay it forward to someone, anyone today. It can be something small like to sit and listen to someone who has no one else to talk to, you can donate items to your local shelters for women, men or children...what about donating to the animal shelters? I love to do that too!! What about going to your local nursing home and visiting those who never has any visitors? To them it would mean so much. We need more kindness in our world and this is a perfect way to do that.

So please pay it forward to someone today and if we ALL pay it forward today, just imagine the impact that we will make today!! I would LOVE to hear how you paid it forward and we can all gain inspiration and get ideas on what we can do next Friday. It only takes one person to make a difference, let's rally together and make a HUGE difference!!
Have fun and get your kids involved, get your friends involved but just do something today, anything big or small. It does not matter. Paying it forward it what matters!!!

Many hugs to you all!! ~Terri


Susan said...

I couldn't agree more! I have two stories of how I paided it forward recently. While at the grocery store waiting in line to pay there was a little boy, perhaps 9, that had a little package of brownies that he didn't have enough money for. So I gave him the money, .77 cents, and told him he could pay me back by going home and doing something nice for his mom. I hope he did! lol

The other incident was similar. I was in line at Walgreens when an older lady was paying for her Tide with change. (You could imagine how much change she had!) But seniors are on fixed incomes so I can understand. However, she came up 50 cents short and after she counted all that change it broke my heart that she didn't have enough. She was just going to leave and not get the soap. So I told her, no no, I can help. So I gave the cashier the money and bless this women, she said she wanted to pay me back. I told her to pay me back she can do something nice for someone. She promised she will and I do believe that she will. How many times do us women walk around with so much change in our purses just laying there? So why not help out in that sense right? People get so annoyed when they are waiting in line and someone has a problem such as that when maybe if they just reached in their purse or pocket to help things would be much easier. I guess for some it's easier to roll their eyes than to actually help. Not me! This idea is a great one Terri! :)


kkay214 said...

You are a wonderful inspiration!You are not going to believe what a wonderful impact you are going to have on your children when they become adults.
There is an older gentleman named Charlie K.That is from W. Virginia. He now lives here in my hometown. Charlie is homeless, in about his 60's or 70's, and lives under the bridge. I hate that he has to live like that because of our economy,not to mention the hatered elderly people have to suffer from ignorant people. Well, anyways,on to Our friend Charlie. He is a war vet, has children he hasnt seen in ong time, and loves to talk,oh yeah, and he loves joking around.. Everytime we see him we buy him food or give him money.He takes what we give and never asks for more.He is very appriciative for what he gets.Life is very hard for some and no one ever knows when they may be in the same situations.Paying forward and never asking for anything in return is what all people should do.Sometimes all people need is someone to talk to.No one knows honestly what has happened to bring them to this point in life and deep dow inside I know they dont want to be where they are.
I always try to help when I can and always have.Growing up my boys always seen me do this and it has had a hugh impact on my 18 yr. old son. He always says that if he came into a lot of money that he wanted to by an old school or some building and turn it into a shelter to help homeless get back on there feet. He has a very big heart and does the same as me and helps out the homeless ,too.Life is a journey and it has many winding roads and sometimes people get lost and just need help to get back on the path.I want to know that I helped in some kind of way, even if it is just letting them know that there are still people who care!!!!!