Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our House My Hubby Built...Too Cute... as I told you in my last post about my husband Dennis building a little model house out of regular white cardstock paper so I could actually see what our real house would look like. This is what he came up with. He is really really smart, sometimes too smart if you know what I mean..LOL. Seriously though, I found it really super sweet that he spent 2 to 4 hours making this just so I can see what our new house might look like. Here are several pictures of his model.

This will be the front of our house. He made the roof removable so I am going to show you the actual floor plan inside too.

This will be the back of our house. Do you see the little room that sticks out in the middle on the bottom? Well that will be our all season sun room! Then right on top of that is my craft room. He made is where my craft room bumps out over the sun room so I can see our kids playing in the back yard or swimming in our in ground swimming pool. To the left where you see the big rectangle that will be 3 windows and that will be our living room. So we will be able to see the sun room from the windows in the living room.

This is the garage side of the house. Right above the garage is our master bedroom. I will show you the floor plan of that too. But you can see the sun room sticking out better on the left hand side on the back of the house. So cute!! Don't ya think?

This is the other side of the house. Again you can see the all season sun room sticking out of the back on the right. The window you see on the 2nd floor is a window going up the steps from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor. 

This is the floor plan of the 1st floor. It is an open floor plan. We went back and forth deciding if we wanted an open floor plan or a floor plan like the house that we are living in right now. We decided that we want the open floor plan and are very happy and excited with that. Den's office will be in the front on the right after you walk in to the house. Then to the left is our dining room complete a beautiful tray ceiling with lights. On the bottom half of the wall in the dining room will be all decorative wood with a chair railing. We are getting all hard wood floors on most of the 1st floor. If you keep walking straight you can see the living room on the right hand side and to the left you see the dinette and we are adding an all season sun room off of the dinette. To get to the sun room off of the dinette will have doors right now we are not 100% sure what type of doors yet. We will either get french doors or a sliding glass door which I am not fond of. Our current sliding door drives me crazy because it gets fussy sometimes. So my vote is french doors. I LOVE sun rooms and ours will be a 4 season one.. so awesome!!. Besides my craft room I am so excited about the sun room!! Ok, so keep walking to the left and you will walk into the kitchen that will have a desk area. Keep walking straight through the kitchen and you will walk into our mud room with a HUGE closet, a beautiful bathroom and our pantry for the kitchen. Then there will be a door to enter and exit from the garage.

This is our 2nd floor. We will have 4 bedrooms, one will be my craft room and I am going to show you an up close picture of that room and an up close picture of our master bedroom which is half of the 2nd floor. Literally half of the 2nd floor!! Our laundry room will be on this floor too, which will save so much time and doing laundry so much easier. If you look on the right hand bottom corner you will see a room, that is our laundry room.

This is my Two Pink Peas Studio!!! I am SO excited about having my own room and I want to be in it right now and start decorating it. How amazingly sweet is my husband to make this just for me?? He has worked SO hard on this floor plan to make it perfect for our family and I am so grateful to him for that. He has changed our floor plans many times because we want it to be perfect for our family. I just noticed that I did not get the whole picture of my craft room but I can fix that later. I wanted to give you an idea on what it will look like. Beside my craft room is the upstairs bathroom for the kids. 

 This is our master bedroom. It is split in 3 parts as you can see. The first part on the bottom of the picture is our HUUUGE master closet.. I mean this closet is endless. The closet is 20 feet long. This closet equals 90 square feet. Den said that this closet is bigger then some bedrooms. It is long and narrow. I LOVE this closet!! The closet that we have in the house we own now is so little and I NEED lots and lots of I have so much stuff and I have no room to store things. So this closet is perfect for us!! Our original plan was to split the closet in half and put my craft room on one side and put the closet on the other side. Well, my craft room was going to be much bigger then the closet but you get the idea. But after thinking about it Den and I decided that it would be better to have a whole bedroom for my craft area and just keep the closet the way it is. I like this floor plan better anyway. Then you see the middle area which is the bedroom itself. The last part is our master bathroom. It is beautiful!! I showed you a few pictures of Bella in the big bathtub that she jumped in all by herself but could not get Den did not build the basement for the little model but basements are basements. We currently have a theater in our basement that Den built and it is beautiful!! I should take a few pics to show you. He is quite talented and I am very proud of him!! We are going to have a theater in our new house too. Again, Den just wanted to give me a much better idea on how this house will look and that is why he built this little model. I am not one to look at floor plans and be able to visualize what it will look like in real life. So he did this just for me. I just thought it was so sweet of him to do that for me so that I will feel more comfortable when we sign the final papers TOMORROW!! Lat night he came up to our room around 1 am or so, it could have been later but I was till up and he said "come downstairs, I have a surprise for you" and I said "what is it?" Well, he built the roof for the model. What is funny about that, well not funny but sweet is that I had asked him if he was going to build a roof for the little model house and he said "I don't know" and he did, he built it just for me!! I had told him a few nights ago that I wanted to put this on my blog and I think he finished it so I could share this with you all! What a sweetie pie he is!! :o)

Well, that is about it. I think he might finish it and color the outside somehow. Oh, and this is the 2nd new floor plan that he made. We have the 1st floor plan that looks like this but arranged differently downstairs. I just want to say thank you to my sweet husband Den for doing this for me and our family. You know that I trust you 100% and I am so grateful that you are building our family a brand new house and I want to thank you for working so hard on it just to make me feel better about the floor plan. I appreciate every thing you do and I love you!

 I hope you girls like what Den did and I would LOVE to hear any comments about his model. I told him that I would get some comments and that I would pass them on to him. Thanks for stopping by. I have one more post to show you tonight. I found pictures of Bella on the first day that I brought her home and OMG..she is SO tiny and cuuuuute!! I have to share them with you. See you in a few!! Hugs, ~Terri


Sinnfull said...

That is amazing. He did such as good job on the model and it will be amazing. Oh and Bella is adorable, and has a great name (one of our dogs is a Bella also)

Ladybug said...

Wowsers, Terri. That is spectacular! You can tell your "Den" for me that he's definitely a "keeper"!!!! :-)

Pendra said...

This is AMAZING!! Do you have an extra room for me? WOW, tell Den that this is so totally awesome and what a sweet thing to do for you! I think he is a keeper!

Jessica said...

Terri, you have a very talented hubby...and how sweet of him to give you an entire craft room to yourself and focus on being able to see the kids, genius!!!

Maria said...

He did a great job on the model.

Lisa said...

WOW, Terri, this model is amazing!! Den did a fabulous job - really stunning! I can see why the builder asked him to make models for other clients! And the layout and design of the house is so awesome :)


Susan said...

This is amazing Terri! Tell your Dennis that he is very talented! Such thought he put into designing this home for his family and also this model for you, wow, what a guy! You must be so excited Terri! I am curious though, are you going to paper decorate the model? How cute would that be?

I'm off to read the newer post you wrote..........

Susan :)