Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hallie's Homemade Special Meal That She Made For Bella Today...

For those of you who have pets you are aware that some may be picky eaters. My Bella is one picky eater and has been since day one. Today all on her own Hallie made Bella a special meal with all kinds of things that Bella loves. Hallie cares so much and worries alot about Bella.
When Hallie did this today it really touched my heart..

Here is a proud Hallie holding her "special meal" that she made all by herself. That includes picking out every single ingredient. As picky as Bella is I can tell you that Bella was going nuts while I was taking the many pictures of
Hallie holding her new concoction.
That was a good sign because Bella does not act like that!

After taking many pictures of Hallie holding Bella's meal I had to stop taking pictures because Bella acted like she could not wait any She was very excited and eager to check it out. As you can see she went right for it.
I was so shocked! Good job Hallie!!

Bella loves to be hand fed and that is what Hallie is doing in this picture. So so cute and I was very proud of Hallie for coming up with this idea all on her own. She picked out every item that went into Bella's meal and Bella loved each and every item that Hallie put in it.
Hallie, You did such a great job!!

Bella eating out of the bowl and she pretty much ate everything. This is what Hallie put in her "special meal" for Bella. For one Bella LOVES chicken! Her most favorite treat is chicken tender jerkeys made from a company called Wagon Train. Bella gets 2 pieces of these chicken tender jerkeys every single day around 6 or 7 am. These chicken jerkey tenders were not in this meal but Hallie did add 
 pre-cooked chicken that we had in our refrigerator. Hallie cut them into smaller pieces. How sweet is that?
 Then Hallie added little pieces of this beef jerkey tenders by Milo's Kitchen and boy does Bella LOVES those alot!
Hallie also cut those pieces into smaller bits for Bella.
Again, so sweet and thoughtful!
  Hallie then added a few blueberries. I looked online about a week ago to make sure that dogs could eat them and
they are ok in small quantities.
The last ingredient Hallie added was a dog biscuit.
No matter what kind of biscuit it is Bella won't touch 
or eat them. 
However, Bella happens to LOVE greenies and
every afternoon she gets 1 greenie. Every single day sometime in the afternoon Bella will sit on the ground, look at me and make this weird noise. This is her way of telling me that she wants her You all are probably thinking that I am crazy and how can a dog do such a thing?
I promise you that this happens every single day!!
Bella knows what she wants and when she wants it!
So I will say "Bella, do you <want> (want is the magic word) your greenie?" Bella will then start showing her excitement and that is when I will give it to her. It is really so cute to see. Maybe someday I will make a video her doing this and
post it so you can see her in action.
Never have I had a pet that will act like this.
It could be because I talk to Bella like she is a person..LOL.
For those of you who have pets, I would LOVE to know how many of you talk to your pets like they are people.
Since the first day that Bella came home, I have talked to
her like that and it is amazing to me that she
understands what I am talking about. So if you talk to your pets like that please leave me a comment. I am very curious to see if I am the only crazy lady who does

Anyhow, I was just very proud of Hallie for thinking and worrying about Bella and for making this special meal all on her own. As you can probably tell Hallie is a very loving, giving and caring little girl. I am just so proud of her even for doing something this small. She is always thinking about other's and that is a quality that not everyone has.
So when Hallie does special things I tend to make a big deal out of them. I always want her to know what an amazing little girl she is and that I am very proud of her
and her very caring heart!
I love you Hallie Bleu!!
 Mommy is so blessed to have you as my daughter.
Thank you for being such a blessing to me and our family.

Thank you for letting me share this with you. I know that this blog is really supposed to be about crafting, cards, scrapbook pages and other things but feel that I have to include my family in the mix because they are
 the biggest part of my life.
 Have a great night and hug your family! Make sure that you always show and tell your kids how much you
love and how very proud you are of them!
Even with the little things!!!
When your kids hear, see and know that you are proud of
them it will stick with them for a long time
and in turn make them proud of themselves!!
Something that ALL children should feel!

Sorry for blabbing on and on You all know that I am a big ole' blabber and can't keep it short!!
Thanks for visiting and Good night everyone!! ~Terri


Regina said...

How cute and thoughtful . We also have a picky eating dog. She (Cookie) is a Tibetan Terrier and looks a lot like Bella. She is 5 now and has been like that since we got her. She is one crazy dog. We have 6 kids all grown up now and there have been many dogs along the way but this is the first picky eater. Have fun!

Ladybug said...

How sweet of Hallie to make that meal for Bella. I can see that Bella loved it.

Yeppers---I talk to my li'l Bailey, too. I tell him stories and he just sits there and listens. Soooo cute!
He never disagrees w/ me, neither. :-)

Karen @ THEBUSYBUG said...

Adorable...What kind of dog is Bella? I talk to my dog Mojo too. They are such a part of the family.

Shawnee said...

Adorable!! Such a beautiful dog!!


Pendra said...

Bella is adorable and you should be soooo proud of Hallie... I think having pets is wonderful for children to grow up with, to learn to nurture and care for others! My whole family are animal freaks... my grandaughter is going to be a vet and is checking out colleges... U of M here in Minnesota is excellent and selfishly I want her close to us! We live in a neighborhood with very few pets... I walk and talk my cocker Hannah many times a day and I know the neighbors think I am crazy... so what, I only care with Hannah has to say!!!