Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Weeks Craft Haul...

Hi guys!! Since I have been so busy lately, I have not had a chance to post my latest haul on here so I wanted to do that now before I memory stinks a lot of the As you can see I got TONS of Stampin' Up Stamps sets (which I LOVE as all of you do too!), I got tons of paper, and let me tell you that I did not need not one more sheet of should see my  paper stash. It is crazy how much I actually have. But I love paper so much and when I find cute paper I have to get But 2 days ago I got my 2 Peachy Keen Stamps sets that I won via blog candy from Ruthie's blog at Thank you again Ruthie.. I LOVE these stamps. They are soooo adorable!!  

These 5 stacks of paper I got at a store called Tuesday Morning. A few months ago I never shopped there before because I really did not know what kind of stuff they had in the store. So one day I went in there and boy do I love this store. They have great deals on everything especially scrapbooking/card making supplies. These papers or cardstock rather are really adorable. The company that makes them is called "Paperage". Each stack has 60 sheets of cardstock in them and they were only $5.99 each. I wish you could see how utterly adorable these stacks are. The colors are so vibrant and the designs are so sweet. My 1st  stack is called Cocoa Blooms and it is mostly flowers, stripes and a few other designs. My 2nd stack is called Raspberry Cordial, the 3rd stack is called Cupcakes & Cherries, the 4th is called Sweet Shoppe and the last stack is called Social Butterfly. I think the Social Butterfly might be my favorite. Then a few days later I got 2 36 sheet stacks made by K & Company. Both stacks are called Color Basics Radiant. I also got 2 mat pads with 18 sheets each again from K & Company.  There is no name on these mat stacks. They match perfectly with the
2 12" x 12" stacks from K & Company.

Lately I have been collecting Provo Craft Clear Impressions Acrylic Stamp sets. I usually get most of my Stampin' Up and other brand name stamps off of Ebay.  It is amazing the crazy deals I get from Ebay. The 1st pack of Provo Craft stamps is sayings and the 2nd set as you can see is vines and leaves. If you have never tried or heard of these stamps from Provo Craft let me tell you that they are really great quality stamps. Before I got my 1st set I thought that they were acrylic cling stamps that  had to be mounted with a acrylic block but I was wrong. Each stamp comes mounted on a acrylic clear block already which is nice. Of course they are more bulky to store but it's worth it.  I now have 3 sets from Provo Craft and will be looking for more to collect. I got these 2 sets off of Ebay and for a great low price. If you want to try and find these on Ebay just type in Provo Craft Clear Impressions Stamps in the search box and if there are some available they will come up. They seem to be way more expensive then Stampin' Up stamps for some reason. But some times you can get them for way cheaper. It depends on the seller.

As you can see these pictures are close up pictures of all the stamp sets I got off of Ebay. What you don't see is a package of Glass Pearls that you can make bracelets with. I am going to use them on some of my cards. These pearls look SO real and I love the colors in this package. There are probably over 150 pearls in this pack. Then I got about 10 packs of .99 cent paper packs from Target. Every time I go to Target I always look to see what new packages they have and if I don't have them I will get all of the ones that I don't have. Oh, and I also got 1 12" x 12" 50 sheet stack from Colorbok and I got that from Walmart for $5.00. Once again, I did not need anymore paper but I really loved the colors in this stack. Well, after looking at my haul I think that is basically it. My most favorite place to buy my supplies besides Joanns and Michaels is Ebay. I get some pretty remarkable deals on Ebay. There have been so many times that I have won items on Ebay like 4 Stampin' Up sets for only $2.00 and I feel so guilty and bad for the seller. When that happens I will email the seller and give them the chance to relist the item in hopes that they will get more money in a new auction. I have never had a seller take me up on that offer but I just feel so bad for them. We all know how expensive stamps are especially Stampin' Up stamps.  On the last picture (right above) you can see 2 dog wood mounted stamps. I got those at Marcs and get this.. they were 5 stamps for .99 cents. They only had these 2 left as they were all gone. I have never bought stamps cheaper then that before. What a great deal. So if you have a Marcs near you make sure to check often as you never know what they have day to day. I almost forgot, I got a Martha Stewart glitter stamp starter set for only $3.50. It came with 7 pieces, 3 glitter containers, a glue stamp pad, a full sheet of stamps and an acrylic block. Even though I have enough glitter to cover the entire outside of my house it was a great deal and I had to get it. I think I covered most everything. It's alot, that's for sure but I love it!

Well, it is after 5 am and I have to get up early because I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I need to try and get some sleep. Thanks for letting me share my newest haul with you.
I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow!! ~Terri


Love That Bug said...

WOW, I am super jealous! You got a lot of great stuff

Esther said...

Wow, lucky you!