Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday To My Sweet Sweet Bella....

Today is my sweet baby Bella's 3rd birthday!! I can't believe that she is 3 aleady. It feels like I just got her yesterday. Bella has been the biggest blessing to me and I love her SO so much. I am posting a few pictures that were taken just yesterday while we were at the model of the house that we are building and we took Bella with us. Bella LOVED this new house. She was running around and checking everything out. It was so cute to see her.

This is the bathtub that will be in our master bedroom and when Bella walked into the bathroom she jumped right into the tub all by herself. But then she could not get back Obviously I had to take pictures of her because she looked so cute.

Before we went to see the model Bella had to go to the vet for a check up. She had to get 2 shots, blood work and a few other things. After we were done at the vets we wanted to stop back at the model because we are changing ALOT of this house to make it what we want it to be. I think we have finally got every single detail just right and things are moving along just perfectly. Now we just have to start building!

Before I go I wanted to tell Bella (even though I know she cannot read just how much I love her!!  I hope that I have given her 3 amazing, fun and happy years because she has given that back to me 100 times more and she really deserves it. Bella has given me more then I could have ever asked for. Bella is amazing loyal to me, is always by my side, is always so happy to see me, she never gets mad at me and has always given me unconditional love. Bella would never betray me and don't ya just love that?????
Bella has been the most amazing gift that I have ever received (besides my children) and I wish I could do more for her to let her know how much she means to me. Trust me when I say that Bella is MORE then spoiled!!
So happy happy birthday my sweet Bella! I love you more then life itself! Have a wonderful day everyone!! ~Terri


mitch1066 said...

I know how you feel,we have 3 cats and just lost our 13 year old dog.They give us such unselfish joy dont they :)
Good luck with the renos,we just went through a year of hell to get ours done lol.

Ladybug said...

Bailey wants to wish Bella a HUGE happy birthday!!!! :-)

I'm sure you're Bella's "everything", too, Terri. The li'l pooch couldn't have a nicer Momma!!

Check out my blog, Terri, for a li'l surprise! :-)

Jessica said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bella!

Jessica said...

OK, I don't want to seem like a stalker, but I just saw that you are also in Ohio and Bella and Pablo are quite similar looking and very close in age. I wonder if it is possible they are even from the same litter. See, a family friend was sad to have to give Pablo away when she went to day shift, but knew he could be trusted in our hands. He had already switched family members (her family) 3 times prior. We got him in July 2009 and were told he was 10 months old at that time. Which is where I came up with Octoberish for his birthday. I am not exactly sure where they got him originally, but just thought this to be kinda neat if the world truly is "that small"!